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    Editor's Note: The OP has been updating dosage info on most current thread page

    Original post:

    so you decided to hop on the L Train, have we? :-P

    you have came to the right place!

    this thread is all about acid and how much should be taken.
    Not only for a first timer but for perhaps any of you.
    I will even be discussing the tolerance of LSD and how often it should be taken.

    I hope this thread helps anyone who decides to seek deeper into themselves and decides to take LSD.

    Hope this helps!


    LSD is not a drug that should be used to get you high.
    If LSD is used by any means to just get "fucked up" or "high"....
    you will suffer the consequences from the drug itself.

    However, if LSD is used with a positive mindset and comfortable setting with friends or people you trust....great things will happen.
    You literally find out there is a part of you that you have never thought existed.
    This part of you is your spirit. You will realize once you have done a few trips. ;)

    Of course if it is your first time taking LSD...
    Obviously you will have no idea what LSD will do to you... What it feels like, what you see, how long it takes to kick in, how long it last ...etc

    We all have to start somewhere.


    this is crucial!

    now you may be sitting here thinking...
    "how the fuck am I supposed to find the right dosage from a drop of liquid or a piece of paper?

    well this is the thing if you wanna try LSD...
    acid trips can absolutely amazing and take you to heaven OR they can be absolutely horrific and take you to hell.
    Here is how to stay in heaven and keep as far away from hell as possible while taking LSD. :-o

    you HAVE to take it slow
    and when I say take it slow I mean. 1 hit at a time.
    let me say this again!!!
    1 hit at a time!!!!!!!
    because not even your most trusted friend OR some guy who sold it to you
    will never know how good or bunk it was. whether it may be.
    everyone has different body chemistry.

    LSD trips are all about the dosage and how much you take.
    I promise you... if you go just a little over from the perfect dosage and you take 25 more micrograms than you could have a bad trip or an un easy one at the least.
    but if you take just enough all at once...
    the LSD will take you to heaven and keep you there.:-P

    once you get used to LSD and find acid that you know is legit.
    it is easier to take more than one and usually you have to.
    to get the effects you want.

    1 hit of LSD now a days is about 60-150 micrograms.
    and that range from 60 to 150 is a HUGE difference in effect.
    seriously. if you are already on 150 micrograms of LSD and you add 50 will be a significant change.
    that is how powerful LSD for how small of a substance it is!

    now, it is a lot easier to figure out if its good because most of your friends who have tried it will not lie about them literally tripping or not.
    only the best LSD I have ever obtained is from good friends or sources that are still trusted friends.
    I call these people "my family"
    don't get desperate when looking for LSD.
    if you cant find any... it is simply not the time for you to be tripping anyways.
    even though you may REALLY want to.
    nature is simply saying that it is not time.
    trust'll be taking acid again someday (this is for those who havent tripped in a while)
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    if it is good well manufactured lsd take whatever you is awesome...if it is the fake wanna be lsd take none it is crap

    just did 350mcg. of crystalline form over the weeked and was in heaven,,,,
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    Editor's Note: The OP has been updating dosage info on most current thread page

    Original post:

    20 mics- threshold. Some slight euphoria and body high.

    30 mics- threshold, same as 20 mics

    40 mics- obviously feeling Lucy's effects a little bit but again no visuals even though may see some

    60 mics- = The typical low quality blotter. Body high with "under water like feeling". Lights are brighter, colors are slightly enhanced and some after imaging and trails. This dosage makes for a good time, even though it isn't considered tripping. Lasts longer and is similar to a a gram of shrooms.

    90 mics- Bright colors, surfaces start to move, warp or breathe slightly.
    Confused or reminiscent thoughts. You start to think more. Change of short term memory leads to continual distractive thought patterns. Your brain starts to speed up and you become more aware of everything.

    110 mics- A hit of some really good lsd.
    Visuals are getting a lot more obvious now. "Ripples" over laying your field of vision. Patterns from all different cultures seen on walls, surfaces, faces etc. Closed eye hallucinations become more apparent.

    150 mics- This is the main dosage people try to shoot for if they are not that experienced to get LSD's effects without freaking out. This dose is usually 1-2 hits of good, legit LSD.
    Effects are a lot like 110 micrograms but more profound.
    (incraments I mention will stay the same but the effects of upping it 50 mics becomes more intense than above the line.)

    200 mics- This is where things can get powerful. Your mind is racing. Beautiful colors are everywhere. Closed eye visuals are very apparent at this point. Life changing, spiritual experiences or realization can happen at this dose. If you are a noob to lsd this dose is simply too high for you. Many people can handle it quite well but some may freak out.

    250 mics- This dose is the dose Albert Hoffman, the creator of LSD tried when he first dosed himself to see what LSD's effects were like. The peak of a 250 mic acid trip can be VERY intense or even scary but like any LSD trip. once the peak effects ware off, the more comfortable the trip is. When the comedown started, he was fine, and he became a rockstar. Closed eye visuals are amazing at this dose.

    300 mics- your getting into heavy territory. Still not considered by most to be a heavy dose, but thats only because they know where most people including themselves draw the line if they are experienced. Its alot like 250 mics.

    400 mics- most people would never take this much unless they knew the acid they have in their possesion and really wanted to get pretty far out there.
    This is why you dont see 200+ mic hits around.
    There is some confusing of the senses (i.e. seeing sounds as colors etc.) Time distortions and `moments of eternity`. Body movement becomes difficult and disorienting.
    There is a heightened sense of awareness of one's own feelings and drive. People usually report this dose as thought provoking and life changing. For some, their ability to discern is somewhat thrown off. More likely to respond to suggestive stimuli. It is recommended that there be a sitter to watch over the tripper just in case he/she would do something that could be a potential hazard.

    500 mics- Strong hallucinations and visuals. objects morphing into other objects (both closed and open eye visuals). Destruction or multiple splitting of the ego. (Things start talking to you, or you find that you are feeling contradictory things simultaneously) Some loss of reality. Time becomes meaningless.
    Pretty much where even some of the most experienced people draw the line. Your vision is almost completely enveloped by fractal patterns, and if you were to stare at some pavement or something, it looks like you can see to the end of eternity. Miles and miles of visual depth. There are many subtypes of these: Mandelbrots, spirals, wave interference patterns,etc.

    700 mics- Out of body experiences and extra-sensory perception type phenomena. Blending of the senses. Visuals containing imagery from Hindu, Aztec, Mayan, Native American, Indian and African cultures are quite common.
    Most people who talk of taking a ten strip usually dont have very potent acid(though it is good), so 550 to 700 is where they end up. This is also where "more acid" becomes less important because the effects are very similar to an even higher dose.

    1000 mics- Most people will never go this high. Only shamans and those who really seek will go this high. If you had a "two hits and you are floored" type of lsd, or 100 mics and up hits, this is where a ten strip would put you. You basically cant see anything but visuals, your mind as a whole is infinately connected with its self and your external environment. Amazing things happen on this dose no matter what if you use LSD as an entheogen. It would scare most people shitless because they were not ready for that dose. Some people will think they are dying. Many would end up dialing 911 if they were alone and could read the numbers on the phone.

    1500 mics- Very few people have used this much lsd.
    It is VERY psychologically dangerous for some people to do this dose. You can no longer really see your own hand in front of your face. Your cognition and vision are both bathed in the same light. Some people forget to breath frequently, and id imagine alot of people would pass out. You will loose your ego, but you will meet many organizers of human cognition in this egoless place. They are much smarter than human beings. "they" *are self conscious neurology.
    They are the mathematicians behind consciousness and even the visuals themselves.
    Total loss of visual connection with reality. The senses cease to function in the normal way. Total loss of ego. Merging with space, other objects, or the universe. The loss of reality becomes so severe that it defies explanation. The earlier levels are relatively easy to explain in terms of measureable changes in perception and thought patterns. This level is different in that the actual universe within which things are normally perceived, ceases to exist! Satorienlightenment (and other such labels).

    A dose 700 mics and above will show anyone some very profound things. Doses like 500 mics and above have changed many lives in both positive and negative ways.
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    Although I concur with most of what has been said in this thread, I would have to suggest many additional concerns. First, if you have the opportunity to research the source (provider/manufacture) do so. If they speak in "Mikes" and that number under 100, ask them how many trips they have taken. If over 4 they use to say you could be declared clinically insane but the point I want to make here is that skilled chemists produce dosing from 150-400 or even more and it is meant to be shared at those rates and it is best to "trip with a friend" or a few friends...
    Ask about "strict-nine" content, it is spelled differently but that is how you would pronounce it. If it has any ("oh,there is just a little") at all I would highly recommend a pass on that provider as it really can make for both an uncomfortable and harmful "Trip". I could go on and on but the best is L-25 (meaning in it's liquid form) hands down and is absorbed right through the skin or for the more adventurous... in the eye. Be forewarned, do some homework first, be in a (and plan to stay in a) SAFE PLACE... Lastly, sex with a good partner can provide for a memory of a lifetime!


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    LSD should not be taken more than once a month.

    I know people who have successfully tripped off the same dose of the same acid a few days after previous trip.
    even though this should not be done. it can be done.
    unlike mdma that takes a few weeks maybe more to get rid of the tolerance.
    LSD only takes 2-3 days. same with psilocybin.

    mdma and lsd cross tolerance can over lap and cause a potent batch of either lsd or mdma to not work at all. even at high doses.

    if you plan on flipping with mdma with any psychedelic, the user must be abstinent from mdma and psychedelics for at least a few weeks for good effects.

    but like I said above.
    one should only trip once a month but it is your choice. :)
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    Haha was reading this exact dose thing earlier on bluelight, its interesting :D all about 500mic dots!!
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    This is a great forum!

    I haven't done ACID since 1972. I first tried it in 1969 when a fellow Junior in high school gave me some "Strawberry Flats" as he called them. GOD what a great substance. Everything became so crystal clear. I had several trips on those. Then later I tried Orange Sunshine. Very good but not the same as the Strawberry Flats. I'm 58 years old and still miss it. At my age, I grow weed because I would have no idea where to get acid. Not that I intend on ever giving up weed.

    I remember George Harrison saying in an interview that "I only needed to take it once". The interviewer then asked "You only took it once"?

    George looked at her and said "No, I took it several times, but I only needed to take it once".
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    I can say ive been to heaven many times and hell only once...

    But the last lsd trip i had seemed very similar to how you describe 1000 mics. I dropped 3 POTENT needlepoint blotter's(estimate 700ug's) at once and ended up tripping for 20 hours.

    I couldnt see anything other then fractals and patterns, i felt like i was blind. I was squeezing this chunk of playdough as a stress reliever and would drop it on the ground and lose it until my roomate would pick it back up and hand it to me. I also experienced extreme auditorial hallucinations where word's would bounce off the walls like you were yelling in a cave. Lol funny thing is i was freaking out all by myself at my house and tried to call one of my friends to ask for help, i sat their and pleaded for him to help me, im in trouble, i need your help, etc. After what i assume was a few minutes i realized that it was some random hispanic lady on the other side of the phone...

    Btw that was my one and only time going to hell, it was def to much for me to handle.

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    From 72 to 80 or so for me. The last two were where the drug advised me under no uncertain terms that we were severing our relationship and they were far lower doses than I used to take. I was foolish enough not to have listened to her the first time. If you cannot find what you seek, then look to the fungus. The fungus has been good to me from the 80's to now. Good luck to you.
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    L always finds me in very mysterious ways !
    For a lack of the draw and good Karma perhaps, as I like to perceive ...
    she marks her presence at the 'perfect time'.
    Perhaps this is about some frequency I am able to
    tap into. But as said .... she always finds ME.
    I am Conscious and Grateful for that !



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    i am not at that point yet my sir.
    maybe I will be someday.
    maybe I wont.

    but the way things are going. It may just happen.

    im walking in your footsteps puffer fish :)

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    wtf is that video mate?! hahahaha!
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    Puffer Fish

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    It's not what it is ... but what it does !
    Once you decode it.
    Did it make an impact ?

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    I LOVE Acid.
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    Please ignore just about everything this guy said. He is only perpetuating false rumors, i.e. Strychnine. It was a total myth and urban legend that strychnine was in any LSD. Please do your research. Also, L-25 is short for LSD-25 - not "the liquid form". If you actually knew your shit, you would know that pure LSD is a crystal. That crystal is then dissolved to form liquid LSD, which is then either sold as liquid or laid on blotter paper. The purity of LSD has nothing to do with it being a liquid or not.

    Please do not put liquid LSD in your eye. Yes, you will trip, but unless you know the guy cutting the crystal you are never sure what else is in there and you can, although unlikely, permanently damage your vision - plus it will hurt because it is often cut with alcohol.

    The urban legend that if you have taken acid over 4 or 5 times, you can be declared clinically insane is downright garbage. Government propaganda to try to keep people from "tuning in". And, most "skilled chemists" do not lay doses over 150 mics. In fact, skilled chemists only make the crystal. People down the line produce the doses.

    Sorry, but I hate it when uniformed people pass around lies, especially about something as wonderful as LSD. I do, however, have to agree that sex with a partner you know and trust can be mind blowing on LSD.

    If you want to hear some really good LSD stories, check out Chinacat72's threads on He used to run with the big boys and he explains it all in his posts. Very informative. You'll learn about a thing called a thumbprint, where initiates are dosed with 200,000+ hits at once - and they are not clinically insane. Its a great read, do yourself a favor and check it out:

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    i love aicd more!
    Sr. Verde

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    ok so I followed OPs advice and measured out the attached and just ate it

    when should I start feeling the effects?

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    Dude that looks like regular paper .... I say ... bunk !!
    I think you should eat 3 and we will baby sit !


    P.S ... Just had a second look at the pic ... and am feeling a strange frequency ... surging ... YOU sir have the real deal !

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    i love acid most. the only limit to how much L can be taken is yourself. i have taken will over 1500mc many many times. tho i dont think a dose that high would be a good idea with just itself. but throw in a couple xannax logs to take the edge off and there isnt realy a limit to the amount you can take imo
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    that is encouraging ;) haha

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