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    colerbear Active Member

    Anybody else battling low rh in there grow tent? I tried a cool mist humidifier only gets to about 35% max. Any other ways or is 35 good enough
    Dont Fear The Reefer

    Dont Fear The Reefer New Member

    I have a big warm air humidifier it will get mine up around 50, but it adds too much heat while lights on unless outside temps are colder. I would think 35 is okay, but a little higher better I think. Good luck

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    I found hanging two wet (wrung) towels in my tent worked all day. cn
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    Frito Bandito420

    Frito Bandito420 Active Member

    The things we do for weed.:bigjoint:

    hell yea my 420th post. and im blowed!!!!!!

    colerbear Active Member

    Really! Where in the grow tent do you hang them? How much is this going to raise my hum.?

    xzapato Member

    I've been doing the same thing. It raised mine up a good 10%. Been using two towels.
    Dont Fear The Reefer

    Dont Fear The Reefer New Member

    If you can get a container of water, hang a wet towel so that only the edge is in the water and it will evaporate and raise humidity. If you can stretch towel oyt so it is flat instead of in a bunch. It works, youll see the water in the container disappear as it wicks up the towel and evaporates.
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    jordan293 Well-Known Member

    I don't get why people are afraid of low rh i live in new Mexico were it's bone dry all the time and my plants grow as good as anybody elses

    xzapato Member

    I figure if I can try to make the environment perfect midaswell try. All is temporary tho, once they get bigger and I put them in bigger pots low RH will not be an issue. Just looking out for my babies is all.
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    Moldy Well-Known Member

    I've been growing here in N Nv now since 06. Humidity or lack of is a slight problem especially in veg and early flower. I have a semi sealed room and run a humidifier until about 3-4 weeks into flowering then I start tapering off back to the normal 21% RH before chopping. I've never seen bud mold. I like 40% RH but will take 35% on and off. I run an exhaust fan on a timer to bring in fresh air every 15 minutes and lose a little moisture but it pops right back up to 40% after the fan shut off. I've heard of guys sucking air out of their crawl spaces under the house to add "coolness" in the summer and a little more humidity. I haven't tried that yet but I only grow in the cooler months anyway so heat isn't an issue.

    xzapato Member

    Yea I've learned my lesson with the towels...lol not the business, and very much not worth it.

    christian7144 Member

    i am having my humidity at 35 i live in so cal i have a one 6" vortex fan attached to my air purifier to control smell. and i have a intake 6" to bring in cool air from outside to keep my room 72-77 but my humidity is at 35. does anyone know DiY without the towel.

    HungryMan420 Well-Known Member

    just buy a humidifyer
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    mytwhyt Well-Known Member

    In the winter I don't worry about the RH, in the summer I cool the house and grow room with a swamp cooler. It keeps the house cool, and the humidity just right for me and the girls.

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    Ahha, I use to have wet towls on the floor of my grow tent, pooring water On them everyday.. I don't do anything for humidity now and the plants don't seem to Mind the 30%ish humidity my room is on average

    phillk6751 Well-Known Member

    This guy is almost on the money...put a fan blowing directly across the towel, like a T where the fan is like the top of the T and the bar is like the towel...or change the bar to an Upside down U...have the bottom side(s) under water to soak it up....i use 2 storage totes one stacked like a + (from top view) and the towel is over the top one and in water on the bottom one....with a tower fan on low blowing across it.....i have a 2'x3'x5.5' grow box and an 18"x24"x36" grow box in a 10x10'ish room with the exhaust from the bigger box carrying the air out the window....this method raised my humidity to around 60%.+ no problem at all.

    gordoe32 Well-Known Member

    Just put these into flower, the humidity throughout my grows never exceed 30%, most times it's in the teens with no ill effects on growth or yield . ad5bce78136f20e4fad8327fb1c4acfe.jpg

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    My RH never goes below 30, if your in the teens you might be able to get away with less CFM for exhaust, or maybe less fans In the tent, I would like to have my RH 50-60 throughout flower, but don't see enough of a difference to go out of my way to rais rH, but teens are low...

    gordoe32 Well-Known Member

    a363f2b7b6bc97079aa46ba2093e35cd.jpg 4b12da6a653009666c8dc4801d189071.jpg A pic of my Blue Dream a few days before chop down & some of the finished product.. Yield and med quality were not affected by my lack of humidity IMO . I'm experimenting with growing vertically , I find temperature control & air circulation to be keys to success for me! Perhaps next grow, I'll run he humidifier to see what happens .

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    Shit looks dank, if it ain't broke don't fix it

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