Losing all my seedlings, please help!

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    Hi guys. First time grow here, and I am not sure what I have done wrong with these plants. I am growing all of my plants in soil- roots organic brand. My setup is a 4x4 tent for veg with T5s (8 x 2 ft bulbs, est. 220w total). I have an exhaust fan that can move 2-3 tent volumes per minute at the lowest setting. Temps are 70-85 F (usually 75-80) aside from a day or two of highs in the 90s during a heatwave. RH has consistently been 40-60%. Lights are on a 18/6 schedule currently.

    I am dealing with two different strains so I will describe the issues for each strain one at a time-

    I am growing some Purple Kush plants from seeds (feminized). I germinated them on Monday, June 25, so they are 2 weeks plus a couple days old. I first put them in soil after germinating in a cup of water/moist paper towel until taproots appeared. They have been growing extremely slowly from the start. I started them in small planters, approx. 1 inch by 1 inch by 3 inches deep. On monday (2 weeks old), I transplanted them to solo cups and they were not even showing roots at the edges of their tiny planters, except for the biggest seedling which did have 1 or 2 roots along the side and poking out the bottom. I am fairly certain they were not rootbound since I did not see roots in the others. Two weeks seems like a long time to not even be ready for solo cups, doesn't it? From what I've read, most plants are ready for the next size up after solo cups by two weeks so something seems very wrong!

    Since this weekend, I have noticed that the leaves of the seedlings are all starting to bend/wilt and become discolored, and tips of the newest growth (3rd set of leaves) are black and curling. This indicates an overwatering issue from what I can tell, but I have hardly watered them. I believe I have watered them 5 times since Monday, June 25. I do not believe I have a drainage issue since each of their tiny planters had a big hole in the bottom as well as pinholes in the sides for air exchange.

    Here is a pic of one of the seedlings. IMG_20180710_175222.jpg

    This one is the healthiest. There is only one other seedling left, I lost one after transplanting to solo cups on Monday. After transplanting it would not stay upright, started to lose mass in its stem, and eventually just fell over dead. This pic was taken two days ago, and the plant has not grown at all since then.

    My best guess here is some sort of root issue like root rot. Maybe I overwatered them the first time I watered back in June, but I do not believe I have overwatered them since. As mentioned, I have only watered them maybe 5 times total. They seem to drink/dry out very slowly. I am at a loss for what to do to help them.

    The other strain I'm growing is Madness. I acquired this plant from a friend, who grew it from seed in living/organic compost soil. It is approximately 8 weeks old, and was in a 3 gallon container when I got it from him last Tuesday, July 3. Yesterday, I transplanted it to a 7 gal fabric pot, and filled the pot with roots organic soil. It still has some of the organic compost soil but is now mostly roots organic.

    The madness plant is showing what I believe are signs of overwatering too. I watered it for the first time the day after I picked it up from my friend, with pH 6.5 and no nutrients. Supposedly the organic compost soil does not need nutes added. I have not watered it since transplanting because the soil was still very damp from the previous watering, so I guess this one is also not drinking too much? I have watered it twice, in total, since last Tuesday.

    The madness is also showing signs of what I believe is root rot. Damaged, curling, wilted leaves, all over the plant. The symptoms did not appear to start low and move up the plant or vice versa. It seems to have just become damaged all over, very quickly. Even the newest growth is showing damage, curling black leaf tips.

    Here are some pics of the madness: IMG_20180710_175222.jpg IMG_20180710_174009.jpg IMG_20180710_173935.jpg IMG_20180710_173834.jpg IMG_20180710_173808.jpg IMG_20180710_173508.jpg IMG_20180710_173351.jpg IMG_20180710_174009.jpg

    I can snap some more pics of the seedlings for comparison, but they are showing similar damage to the madness. My best guess, again, is root rot caused by overwatering.

    I am truly unsure of how to proceed here. It feels like everything I do with these plants is wrong and is making things worse. I sincerely appreciate any support and wisdom you all can provide. Thanks very much for your time!!

    edit: forgot to mention, I have treated all the plants with a neem oil/biodegradable dish soap solution to prevent pests. Didn't want to take any risks bringing a new plant in so I assumed it was safe. Hopefully that did not make things any worse.

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