Looks like MMJ may have taken a big hit with Oaklands new big ganjapharma!


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The Oakland thing is saying that ONLY the big 4 will be able to supply the Dispensaries, and that any other grow, except personal only...will be illegal-- At least that is how I am understanding it--

If I am wrong, will someone pls clarify??

So much for 215 not being effected and this is before prop 19 is even passed.

If this is in case the fact, I hope some of you are getting it now... This big ganjapharma are not your friends nor do they care about you. But they want us to back their money making prop19!

Taxation is not legalization!

Decriminalization is!


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You currently have 8 threads regarding this... Could we keep it at that, and not create new threads over the same issue, please?