Looks like $72 for a .5g vape cartridge... have they perfected the vape?

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    x3axo New Member

    I like the conveinence but never got that really high high using them. Super sceptical on the price but you gotta pay for the best in my experience.

    Im gunna break down and try one eventually. Haha.

    growingforfun Well-Known Member

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    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    I'm making vape carts with some 80% shatter, and charging half that in an illegal state. You are getting your butthole spread open and inserted into against your will.

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    They're handy to have around but there's nothing like a decent joint to get you where you wanna go. Retail in NV for those is about 35-70 bucks for .500 mgs. Quality differs greatly.

    Had to go back to hostile anti weed Midwest this summer and they were nice to have in a non smoking hotel room.
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    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    $70 for a quarter gram of concentrate (half the cart is just cutting agent usually)....god damn. I feel like a fuckin asshole asking people to pay more than 45.
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    Fubard Well-Known Member

    How much do you pay for "THC oil"? How much is vape juice base? How much is the "flavouring" of your choice? How much is an hour or so of your time?

    In my case, the base is €16 per litre, flavorings cost about €5 a bottle of 15ml and 10ml of 10% THC oil is around €70 when you can get your paws on it.

    So, in my case, you're looking at at least 20ml of vape juice for not really much more than the price of that cartridge and, likely, closer to 80-100ml depending on the strength you desire, plus a little bit of your time.

    I don't think I have to paint that picture much more, and I don't think you need a calculator to see that spending $72 for that cartridge means you must have a glass cock because someone's seeing you coming....

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    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    what is that, 5 grams in, 10 carts out?
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    Go go n chill

    Go go n chill Well-Known Member

    $70 -90 for 1g of CBD vape here! NO THC

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    Here, technically, it's illegal but cross the border to Holland and I can get 10ml of 5% oil for €17 in a well-known chain store, straight off the shelf as a "food supplement". Buy pre-mixed CBD vape fluid then it's €40 for 10ml Sensi Seeds 200mg e-juice.

    So a few drips of CBD oil into the oil tank for the CFX vaporiser, a few drips of a flavoured 0% nicotine e-juice to mask the taste of hemp, and I have better pain relief than using the pre-mixed vape fluid for quite a bit less money.

    And since that same oil can be turned into vape juice by mixing with 0% nicotine vape base and the flavouring of my choice, there's quite a saving to be made on CBD e-juice alone.

    Next project is to get my paws on hash oil so I can find my own THC/CBD mix for maximum pain relief and a nice relaxing high, and when mixed into e-juice with a flavoring to mask any smell then that means happy days vaping in public with nobody knowing and any suspicions out the window as I'll always have my opiates and valium with me to show to plod IF they ask why I'm a tad spaced.

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