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    I've been looking into getting some land in VT, but the state medical marijuana law is confusing...in RI where I currently reside the plant grow limit is 12 mature plants (and 12 little ones are far as I know), from what I'm reading about VT it's 7 immature and 2 mature plants. This doesn't make any sense to me. How does one go from 7 immature plants to only 2 mature plants? 5 plants have to disappear right? Or they expect someone would keep 5 moms and only grow out 2 clones from them every 2 months? I'm just baffled at this number...I've been growing for years and I couldn't get all the medicine I need from 2 plants every 2 months. What if bugs or something else hit? your entire grow of 2 measly plants is ruined...who on earth came up with these crazy plant limits? Who helped reach these confusing numbers?

    So current VT residents, how does one make the 7 and 2 figure work?
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    I too would like to know this.

    chichi Active Member

    I believe it was worded to NOT work :)

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    Vermont really doesn't want it here but do to public pressure and the majority of voters approving medical marijuana they didn't exactly have a choice. The laws are very strict here as anyone who lives here knows and yep... 7 it is. Seven (7) plants growing...only two (2) plants at any given time can be "flowering" meaning as soon as they start producing little buds even though it's not ready to smoke yet, they are considered to be "flowering" and you can only have 2 of them at a time doing this. The other plants you have have to be at a lower growing rate than the flowering ones..in other words, all other plants growing cannot be in the "flowering stage." If you have 5 plants that are flowering yes, you would either need to get rid of them or have a caregiver who doesn't have any plants started grow and hold them for you but that caregiver can only have 2 flowering plants at a given time also!! Between you both, the caregiver and patient, neither of you can have more than seven (7) TOTAL plants between you both...meaning I could grow three, my caregiver could grow four but between us both there can only be two flowering plants at a given time. Confused yet?! Bet your bippy!! That's the way they wanted it! They put all of this into the very laps of the people who want to eradicate it, even though it's a massive conflict of interest. So say they finally do open a dispensary here, if you yourself grow, you cannot go in, if you have a caregiver that grows for you, you cannot get in. The only way you will be allowed in that dispensary is if you have nothing at all including a caregiver and you cannot grow your own, YOU can go in but it will cost you....the same as where you're getting it now I'm sure because b.m. is still flourishing and they want to charge the same prices as b.m. God forbid if you turned around and sold your meds!! That's what they don't want so an ounce will be $380.00 to $400.00. I don't know about everyone else but as I use this for my pain I go through a lot in a month, like 3-4 ounces so paying that price will never be feasable for me!! I don't like that fact that they sent all us patients paperwork with a bunch of questions for us to answer and send back and they didn't even put any of these into consideration when they wrote the laws for the dispensary!
  5. Honestly now---- Do you expect any better from our lovely Green Mountain state? ! It took 19+ years for a walMart up in St.Albans to get a building permit! This is true! Vermont is closed to the average person. Closed to business UNLESS your wealthy , political, or corrupt this is the place for you!

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    This is indeed true. The number of plants is 2, not as far as I know some quirky combination of 7 young and 2 old etc, it's 2. Look on the NORML site they have the current law. There has been a bill introduced in the state legislature on the senate side for decriminalization but it's one ounce, so the current law is almost better.

    VT politics and these "movements" are largely phony, pretending to be one thing they think will appeal to the "cool crowd" while not being that way at all.

    Everything in the state is designed to get you to part with your dollar in the form of taxes to pay for a bloated and inefficient state government and its social programs.

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    well then lets be fucken honest then shall we? Folks been guerilla growing here since the bomber crashed on camels hump and even longer im sure. Yeah berja has it right its a fucken mess its obvious that they didnt want any kind of serious theraputic system put into action thats user friendly and open minded to people issue's. No they are up in arms over gas prices, and shumlin caving to monsanto lmao really? Fuck em, i dont need em. I'll still help people/patients whereever i can, I cant stand patients in vermont acting like there shit dont stink or they're in a special club cause the state told em they can grow in there house...lol little do they know there neighbors are too and have been for many moons!

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    This is a bad rap, Eyes, and sounds very much like you don't know much about Vermont politicians or how things work at the statehouse. Our politicians are most definitely not rich, corrupt slime bags. They are amateurs. Except for a very few of the top offices, Vermont politicians are part time legislators who occupy diverse and usually very modest positions in their local communities. And strangely, despite this being the most liberal state in the country, we are conservative. In many ways as "old New England" as you can get. There are plenty of dummies holding offices and legal weed progress will continue to be slower than other places. But things will improve at a deliberate pace. Decrim will pass this year. Maybe you would like Mississippi or Kansas better.

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    Dude ...I totally agree, i gotcha. i grow and many people would be surprised how many of thier nieghbors do...IT'S THE VERMONT WAY :)

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    Can you throw 2 plants in individual 80 gal pots under 8k?
    1 mother
    4 in veg (2 ahead of 2)
    2 in flower?

    With some work... I think I could get up some pretty good yields. Def need some long branchy genetics like SKUNKS and such.

    I was checking out the VT board because we were wanting to take a vaca from the South. It's so hot right now. Just checked the weather in Burlington... 77 deg. Sounds amazing. I need to be there right now.

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    well hank ill say this, for now im really a dr120 tent /compost tea slut, but i would say this!, 80 gallons is a wonderful size for those roots to fill in and love. 8k in lights is awe-inspiring. I usually go 600 watts of cooltube and alternate them seem to work wonders with proper genetics and most recently a scrog method. Stay in touch cause i LOVE friendly patients/non patients who enjoy cannabis as i do. I was raised friendly and intend to stay that way.

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    I myself am a Rhode Islander also. I have gone thru all of our New England states. My personal opinion is I love Vermont , I also love Maine and New Hampshire. When I move to Northern Vermont I will live in both states. My wife will have her grow in one and I'll have mine in the other as we plan to live in both many cause moving near Greensboro I don't expect to find a job lol. My opinion without having read everyone's post's is Monster huge plants !!! I'll do what I can to keep everything environmentally conscious , solar power , wind , solar generator , whatever. 1 1000 watt light on a 55 gallon plant will be enough for me. Life isn't cheap unfortunately but u can make it so if u put your wind to it. Good luck and I'm very excited you all can grow anything legally. Eventually they will fix / change these laws as legalization starts becoming more popilular imo. If anyone likes what I said and want to make a soon to be Vermonter friend let me know. We come up every month for Hill farmstead beer and look for run down farms to buy near the brewery. FYI I'm planning to keep it a farm , Rhode Islands gotten too crowded for my woodsman spirit. Be well and wish u all the best.

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    tee-hee and ta haa where's the beef?

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    Hey dude, I thought they locked you up.

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    Anyone ever heard of the Vermonster strain? Strawberry strain supposedly from VT.

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