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    StixxMMJ New Member

    Hello, my name is Stixx and I am an Arizona native. I am looking to take on a qualifying patients grow rights. Please message me if you are, or can connect me with, a qualifying patient. You MUST live 25 miles away from a dispensary. I have some AMAZING genetics I would love to grow for someone.

    Your address can be verified on the AZDHS website. Go to google and type geo code AZDHS, then enter your address.

    greywind Well-Known Member

    What do you offer your patients? Just curious. Cheers!

    StixxMMJ New Member

    I will pay for our cards, and give a portion of every harvest. Are you a qualified patient ?

    greywind Well-Known Member

    I am, but I grow my own. The caregiver scene was big before all the dispensaries opened up. Hopefully with some dispensaries having relocated, you'll be able to find the patients you need.

    StixxMMJ New Member

    If you have any friends or family that would be willing to give you their rights. Let me know. I’d love to work something out.

    Or if you get over growing your own, and would like free meds. :)

    RegularOrMenthol? Member

    I would say pm me but i dont like uncle buck reading my emails. So here's a public formatted statement:

    When I grew it cost 1200 + card fees and a pound of weed to a shitty unfriendly "co-op" a year. I never once met another grower or patient. It was a waste of money every year to be hated and accused since quality Cannabis is anomalous to the average Az smoker.

    If you insist on throwing your money away ( thousands of dollars in fees and monthly ounce giveaways), call every certification center and ask which ones can provide you with patients the cheapest. You are looking at 5-8k annually for a full 60 plant room if you go through a collective, and the Rez will be using more of their own rights up as time goes, I just set up a single wide grow on the Rez, so that's 5 less patients available at the cert centers. There are no cultivation-allowed qualifying patients. Only those exempt from the 25 mile rule. Reparations, lol.

    There are a few delivery services on weedmaps that might be worth reaching out to. The ones who mention "no dispensary grade bullshit" in the bio. Cant give names cuz the dispo mafia will put a hit out, get their listing pulled and raided if they got a club... (The dispos don't want people to know what quality is, or they'll go out of business overnight, they actively narc out compassion clubs in AZ)
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    J man 420

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    Hey stick I'm in the white mountains can you help? I have my card and need a caregiver. Please pm me or gey in contact with me so I can exchange info

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