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    hey so I’m looking for some recommendations on a strain to try growing next. my last grow was some sativa strains that even with topping and LST grew super high and I ended up losing some flower to light burn in my tent. I prefer sativas but this time I need something that doesn’t shoot up quite so high. Here’s what I’m generally looking for:

    - Hybrid or Indica that is low growing (I prefer sativas generally but indicas are fine this time because of the tent height issue and would like a quicker flowering time due to lower yield with lost flower from last grow)
    - something with an average to above average yield
    - ideally feminized seeds available
    - super potent strains
    - strong, proven genetics
    - do well indoors in soil
    - CBD average to above average %
    - fairly quick flowering time (7-9 weeks)
    - easy to source online seeds

    Here's my setup:
    - 600 Watt mars hydro LED
    - 2’x4’x5’ tent with inline fan, 4 x clip fans and humidifier
    - Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil

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    Check with Oregon Elite or Southern Oregon. Get some urkle/indica crosses. My southern oregon og kush freebie turned out to be some freakin kick ass weed. I used the ocean forest with a 400 watt HPS and 5 gallon pot. Flower them at 2 weeks old so you can control their height and size. I wouldn't grow indoors during the summer months wait until late fall in anticipation of killing frost before you start germinating indoors. You should be able to get 2 or 3 crops in before the bugs and heat return in spring.
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    8C1CCA2F-88E8-433E-991A-5473836BFD96.png 699BAE6F-7118-4629-8C92-C05AB44C399E.png These look nice.
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    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    C99 is always good good yield, good smoke and fast flowering times.

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    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Durban Poison - sativa
    Master Kush - indica

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    Durban Poison is a Landrace Strain if I’m not mistaken.

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Yes it is. It's also a fast flowering sativa that is manageable in a tent and really good smoke.
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    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    It's recommended for those wanting a low odor grow. Never grew it but got some in Colorado and I wonder about that. Good shit, Maynard .
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    Karma Genetics. Maybe the C99 x Biker? Or Headstash. Also heard good things about Headbanger.

    Peyote Purple is definitely not a super potent strain, also not a very big yielder, and stretches more than you'd expect from an indica.
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