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    I intend to veg my Colombian Gold until she is big enough to take clones. I plan on taking 4 cuttings.

    Once the cuttings are rooted I want to send one of them into flower while spraying with Colloidal Silver,collect the pollen that forms, and cut it. Then I mean to send the other 3 clones and the original CG into flower and pollinate one of the clones completely.
    The final 2 clones and the original CG will flower as normal for bud production, while the first (which will have been cut by then) and second clones are dedicated to the seed production aspect.

    Is there a quicker and more effective method of producing these seeds off of a single plant, or is this about it? (I am trying to preserve genetics here, as the CG was the last of the seeds I had from that batch, and I was shocked it germed in the first place as it is about 8 years old and just sat in a tiny zip-loc bag in my sock drawer the whole time.)
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    Send her into flower, spray and let it seed itself. Start some more seeds if you want more plants.

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