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    Psuedo Well-Known Member

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg I germinated this seed in March. I didnt know it was an auto. I live in Florida so after we had the tropical storm it was really hot after that, and I don't know if the heat after that caused all the sugar leaves to retract in and Claw and all that. I am assuming its genetics. Also I don't know if my buds foxtailed after that.

    I dont think chopping the top cola is an option as it would take most of the fan leaves that are left. I just wanted to see if anyone would take a shot at guessing how much longer/what week the flowering is in. Also the fan leaves that are missing was a catepillar ate the ones at the bottom, and I just chopped one at the top because it had a lot of old holes in it.

    The one picture that has a cut stem is the buds at the bottom. Its hard to take pictures of buds on this one. I would assume the plant has a week maybe half a week in terms of when most would chop the top cola.

    Alright my questions again are. How much longer do you think my plant has to go? Do you think it would survive if I chopped the top cola? I want all the other buds to form too, but don't want my top cola to over ripe.

    The humidity in day is 50, the heat the last few days has been getting up to 90. I have been bringing it inside at night the last week as the humidity at night is getting up to 100. Really it has a lot of its life.

    I can take more pictures if needed. Also suggest what part to take a picture of.

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    march ? if its foxtailing then its past when most people would of harvested .... its crazy hard to see in the pics ... some strains do it naturally or stress ..... but alot of times if auto's are allowed to run past the prime harvest window they tend to start to foxtail
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    SwiSHa85 Well-Known Member

    That thing has had it's fair share of stress. I'm going to guess root problems and to much rain. She's not done from what I see and I see no foxtailing. Just looks like spaced out nodes growing individually.

    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    the sugar leaves close to the bud curling is totally normal dont trip, she looks a little hungry but otherwise id say you still have a couple weeks of growth to go bud, shes still plenty green and healthy and still putting on bud weight. I see no pest or disease so.. yea should be fine for a while.

    dont chop the top cola.... youll hurt your yield..bad and get subpar bud

    Psuedo Well-Known Member

    Yea I dont want to chop the cola. I suppose I'm going to just let it go for as far as I can. As long as I get no mold or rot. I used a miracle grow bag when it was in a small pot then tranferred it to the big pot placing a bunch of ground soil I mixed up around it. Heres a video The video should go to 480p



    Incase the embedded wont allow 480p heres the end of the url.

    The buds down to about halfway look like theyre all forming in a uniform rate. Its hard to take a picture and make it look like your actually seeing it. I have a microscope I bought from radioshack years ago. I will check out the trics with that, but if those trics in the one dark picture are the trics im suppose to be checking I can do it with the phone. That was at dusk twilight, so Im thinking maybe the flasb gives off a false observation? Yes I know not to pay attention to the leaf trics. I'm somewhat knowledged just never get to grow. I need to order some seeds.

    Thanks for the advice everyone.

    Also I will post pictures when they're done and you can actually get a good look at them.
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    Psuedo Well-Known Member

    Just wondering what you guys think. I want to harvest it tonight. Was so close to doing it last night. I don't think the buds are really going to plump anymore. What pistils are left I am thinking are just going to wither and recede like they're doing at the top. From what I can see through the microscope I didn't see any clear. Do they turn half clear half milky? I want as much THC with as little degradation. The pictures at the top are a week old. (Top of topic not this post) 20180702_172329.jpg 20180702_172147.jpg 20180702_145925.jpg 20180702_173356.jpg 20180702_173347.jpg 20180702_173359.jpg 20180702_173403.jpg

    I'm not to worried about the popcorn s at the bottom. All the buds halfway down are a decent size. Also all the buds are hidden behind the leaves. The pistils that are sticking out I think are just trying to get some light or push the leaves away. Giving it some air. I'm looking for super inside my head high.

    Also I'm guessing this is a sativa dominant right? I watered it 3 days ago.
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    TJ_BASS Active Member

    Let it keep going! It’s going to by the looks of it it can go for a lot longer. Don’t rush it just sit back and let it do it’s thing.

    TJ_BASS Active Member

    It looks a little stressed but I’m not to sure have you given it any nutrients?

    Psuedo Well-Known Member

    I chopped it before I went to bed yesterday. In an hour as I'm posting this it will be 24 since I chopped it. I have not given it amy nutrients. I did not know it was an autoflower so I got screwed up on everything. It was just a seed I got in a bag.

    Anyways I kept worrying it was heat stressed, or the light was to intense because we had that tropical storm to hit May 26. After the storm, or hurricames its always clear skys and hot. The wave pf pistils then got withered, and it shot out new ones. It wasnt to many, and I cant remember if that was the first or second wave. I dont think there were to many and I dont think they all died. I like to watch my plants like a child.

    Anyways I let the leaves wither, and then trimmed. My humidity in my drying area is staying between 48-56. Temperature at 73. Using an a/c.....

    When I turn that off the temp gets to 78 and temp to humidity to 60. I suppose the rise in rh balances out the heat. I wasnt worried aboit letting the popcorn buds ripe as they will not be as yieldfull as the cola, and I'm pretty sure the top half is done.

    Finally heres some pictures and I will post more again once theyre dry and ready to cure.

    I really want to grow more, and better yields. Next time I get the chamce to grow again I'm topping them, pruning, whatever else. I'm just going to start researching now. I'm still pretty fresh on things from the last two times I grew. The autos just dont seem worth it. 3 more months with a photo and I would have so much more....

    Also yes its a shitty trim, but meh.

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    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    Don't take it the wrong way, but it's not the autos, it's you. You're new. Autos are harder to mastwr than a photo. If you grew out a plant and never fed her excpept what little came in soil(if thats what you used is 3-4 weeks of nutes). You probably had way too high temps. You only get better by keep learning but odds are going to photo plants you won't be much better if you grow the same way.
    Logan Burke

    Logan Burke Well-Known Member

    Autos really can be tough, and any sort of set back hurts you far more because you can't just veggy for longer to correct and recover it before flowering. Just keep at it bud, good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of times experiences comes from bad judgement! :) I never like to give anyone an est time to harvest without seeing the trichs or at least them describing what color the trichs are after looking themselves. But I would bet you've no less than a week to go...maybe longer. No one makes a killer harvest on their first grow, especially with an auto, keep at it!
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    Thegermling Well-Known Member

    That plant had over 3+weeks of flowering left. Id be surprised if you could even get high with that smoke.
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    SNOLEPERD Active Member

    You are exposing your autoflower to extreme tropical conditions, hot as hell, dew points in the 70s, everyday at 4pm you get a tropical downpoor, I used to live in FT Myers I would never try and grow an autoflower outdoors in Florida, unless you did specific srain finding a strain of auto that can handle those extreme conditions, your plant will be ready when your trichomes turn from clear to milky, any toasted leaves are not gonna come back, prune em off, if your going to grow autoflowers in Florida find a strain prob sativa Dom that thrives in tropical conditions, or your going to have the same problems over and over.

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