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    newguy123 Well-Known Member

    I am looking for a cash crop for my 4x4 600w HID setup.

    Looking for some dense nugs as I hate trimming.

    what strain do you recommend?

    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    Sorry man, we only grow loose, shitty, leafy AF buds round' these parts.

    might wanna look into some research. nobody's gonna spoon feed you.
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    newguy123 Well-Known Member

    I've done some research and I've grown a few strains. I didn't write a paragraph to please because its not necessary.

    I'm just looking for recommendations from the community.
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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    Og makes dence easy to trim buds.

    The big problem tho is generally "cash crop" strains are also leafy. Quality can also be affected.
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    newguy123 Well-Known Member

    Hey growingforfun, thanks for posting.

    Yeah OG is real nice. I grew a HSO OG kush freebie and it gave a out great weed. Compact and good looking. It lacked on the smell department though but I would have to grow it again to be completely sure.

    I also tried HSO's blue dream but it made fluffy weed and I had to make hash out of it. In addition, I have a 5 pack of their Black D.O.G which I heard is killer smoke. I'm keeping it for my LED COB setup which already has 4 Barney's Critical Kush on week 2 of flower.
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    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    Im not sure if one can grow OG kush with LED. Have you heard of it being done?

    OrganicGorilla Well-Known Member

    If you want quality without pheno hunting, go with an elite clone.

    newguy123 Well-Known Member

    I don't have access to elite clones sadly.
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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    Try a diff og if what you had was lacking before
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    OrganicGorilla Well-Known Member

    Then grow anything by Bodhi Seeds. He breeds fire genetics.

    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    My 4x4 is loaded with Bodhi fire. Is awesome
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    newguy123 Well-Known Member

    About to get a 10 pack of Dinafem OG Kush
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    voodoosdaddy Well-Known Member

    I'd say a lot of it depends on what your skill level is and method used. For cash cropping I'd go with Sea of Green. You run more plants with less veg time and get more crops per year. I've heard a lot of people bitch about Blue Berry from back in the day being finicky, low yielding, ect. It was one of the best yielding strains I've ever run. I used to get around 1.7 grams per watt/3.75 lbs per 1000 watt light with 60 days of flowering with a 15-20 day clone/veg cycle. Running an old school Sk#1 I was only getting about 1.25 grams per watt. I always wanted to try one of the (super yielding) strains like Big Bud but never got around to it. I've been out of it for some time now but in the next few months I plan on getting a crop going. I've got plans for Rolex Og, and Fallen Angel from Devil's Harvest, and Dutch Passion Blue Berry to start. As far as trimming goes you just gotta chalk it up to the game. Hey trimmings are great for making keef and edibles though.
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    charface Well-Known Member

    People around here are so sick of blueberry they walk right past it.

    If your selling it you need to know what the market wants.

    But I assume you are in an area that's not saturated with legal weed so maybe you can get away with simply choosing a big yielder.
    What style is your grow?

    mytwhyt Well-Known Member

    Bragging like that needs some pics to back up a 1.7gpw grow claim.. Please lead us by the hand so can see for ourselves how it's done.
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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    If chasing a cash crop out of such a small space then SOG is the go. Using clones of cause.
    It will give you the largest return over a given year. Its also the most work.

    Keep it simple. Northern lights, C99, Skunk#1 etc.

    Im growing black dog atm. (in sig). The earlier finishing pheno is not a big producer.
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    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Check out Big Bud for yield and low leaf.

    voodoosdaddy Well-Known Member

    That was back in 03-05. I had a few Polaroids but unfortunately they taken by the cops when I was busted in 07. I was cash cropping back then and against my better judgment I took some Polaroids to remember some of my better crops. Things were way different back then. Top shelf bud was 4k a pound whole sale and so sending pics to high times, as much as my ego may have wanted to, wasn't on my agenda. I was all about making as much money as possible. I'd have pounds sitting around but usually with my schedule I'd only smoke a bowl or 2 if I had time. Lucky for me they didn't use them against me in court. I guess they had plenty to go on with my plant count....And fortunately for me I had relatives with a little pull so I wasn't charged with distribution only cultivation.
    Any way it was a whole different ball game than it is today.

    In my veg room I kept a table for clones that was hydro farm heat mats which we hardly ever had to use, and hydro farm humidity domes. We rooted in 1 inch cubes. For rooting we used ph adjusted straight water with a dab of Hormex rooting hormone to soak our cubes in and Indole-3 Butyric acid powder to dip the cuttings in. There are dozens of brands and we pretty much used what ever was at Home Depot back then. Later I ditched the Hormex and powder and just started using Clonex jell. My hydro guru loved that since he was one of the cheapest money grubbing sons of bitches I've ever met in my life and he's do anything to save a dime. In the couple of years before I got busted I went back to soil for the flavor and I changed to an ez clone machine and never looked back. For that I used a little of the Hormex liquid again. The ez clone is wonderful if you can keep your water temps down. For light on the clones I had 4 foot shop light fixtures with cool white bulbs sitting directly on top of the humidity domes. I'd keep the cubes moist but not saturated and absolutely no standing water. Once the 1 inch cubes had roots coming out we'd transfer to 4 inch rockwool and a 4x4 ebb and flow table under a 400 watt hps hung about 2 1/2 to 3 ft above the tops of the clones. This was my guru's method. Later on I changed to 250 watt mh and kept it closer to the tops. I think more than anything your temps and light distance affect your stockiness during cloning/rooting. My veg room usually ran around 75-80 degrees under around the clone tops and 75% humidity. I think the optimal combo would be a 400 mh about a foot above the tops and a temp of around 70-74 with 60-70% humidity. I used a 35 gallon reservoir and usually had to add 1.5-3 gallons every morning. My mothers (2-4 mothers) were in the same room in DWC buckets under a 600 hps. For every cycle I would almost always double up on the amount of clones for a couple of reasons. I always wanted to use the most vigorous clones. If one wasn't looking it's best I'd trash it. Also if one of my partners had a problem I always had extras on hand. (Yes I blew a shit load on rockwool cubes that would be thrown away) This comes in handy for something that fucks things like spider mites. My tap water ran between 150 and as much as 250 and I had seen it go as high as 400. This is very dangerous when using ebb and flow. You can fuck up quickly and shock your plants or even kill them. I had 2 -55 gallon plastic drums that I held water in. I kept an air stone bubbling in them all the time. In the mornings when I'd refill my reservoirs I'd check my tap water before refilling my 55 gallon drums. Even if my tap water was a little off I could get by diluting it into the 55 gallon drums. If the fluctuation went on for a couple of days no big deal I had plenty of water. For nutrients I used this old stuff called Rockwool Formula 1. It's a very simple 2 part solution. Grow and bloom. I kept My ppm around 500-600 ppm and ph around 5.6. On our reservoirs we always kept a salt water aquarium running to keep the water circulating. The ones we had would hang onto the lip of the reservoir and had a little spigot where air was sucked into the stream of water.

    voodoosdaddy Well-Known Member

    So I was running 2- four by eight tables in my flowering room with 2 thousand watt lights per table with rockwool cubes, ebb and flow. 4000 watts total per flowering room. Usually I'd have 28-36 plants per 4x4 area. It would be about 144 plants per flowering room I was using a sk#1 cut that was started around 88 or 89 from seeds purchased in Amsterdam to start but later changed over to Blue Berry when we figured out we got WAY better yields. The sk#1 was only giving us 2.25-2.75 pounds per light. We ran propane c02 generators connected to a mechanical timer. 10 minutes at the top of the hour and 10 minutes at the bottom of the hour. We'd cut 3 inch hole in a wall and connect one of those mini squirrel cage blowers. the sequence went like this, at the top of the hour- co2 on for ten minutes another ten minutes of circulation in the room then the exhaust fan would kick on for ten minutes- now you're at the bottom of the hour, co2 kicks on again and cycle is repeated. I never used a co2 ppm meter or controller. Along with the central air unit we would install a 220 window unit that was installed in a wall hopefully into a garage. We did have a couple of houses where we exhausted the heat into an unused bedroom and had to keep a catch bucket for the condensate water. Usually the lights were 12-18 inches above the plant tops and the temps could get up to 100 degrees at the top of the canopy and humidity was around 80-90% in the flowering room. When i see pics of grow lights on the ceiling in these modern grows it blows my mind. I was always taught to keep them as close as possible without burning them. For nutrients in flower I used the same Rockwool Formula 1 2 part mix, but we also added this stuff called Budswel. It's a liquid guano fertilizer that has guano and earth worm castings and some other stuff. So my guru was the one that started using this stuff. He wanted to add flavor to the buds. As far as adding flavor i don't think it did much of shit. The bud we grew really didn't have much flavor to it. To me being a former soil grower it just didn't have much flavor at all. What the Budswel did do however was leave a silty coating on the bottom of the 4x8 trays. It's similar to when people add Hydrocorn on the botton of their trays to retain moisture. The roots would come out of the rockwool and would spread out all over the bottom, sometimes forming a thick mat. I think this was one of the keys to our yield. The roots were always oxygenated but they always had sort of a uniform moisture. Plus hell all plants love bat and worm poop. The next thing we would do was 4 days before we'd change our water, in the morning we'd add Miricle grow Bloom Booster to the reservoir. We'd jack up our ppm from around 900-1000 to about 1400. We changed our water every 14 days. Our timers for the table pumps would kick on 45 minutes after the lights came on a 6 a.m., 45 minutes at noon, and 45 minutes after the lights went off. All in all it was a serious pain in the ass. Cleaning roots and Budswel out of a tray when the other half is full is not fun. You have to live and die by your calendar and even them some times you may have to take flowering plants off the 4x8 to clean. Honestly I don't think I'll ever fuck with rockwool again. It's nasty to breath and is a general pain in the ass, not to mention I don't think you can ever get the flavor out of hydro that you can with organics.
    So here is my partial theory as to why we got such good yields. Macro and micro nutrients are absorbed by plants at different ph levels. During the morning as soon as the light came on the reservoir was at it's lowest level and the ph had climber to it's highest level. usually it was around 6.2-6.4. Specific nutrients are absorbed at that level....which was actually from the last feeding the evening before. The 35 gallon reservoir was usually about 5-8 gallons low first thing in the morning. I'd fill it up, add nutrients, and adjust ph. So the first feeding was about 5.6. I'd measure after the noon feeding and it would be a couple/few ph points higher. Finally after the evening feeding the it would be in the highest range. So over 3 feedings you get nutrient solution to the plants over a range and your plants get ALL the different micro nutrients. I probably could have tweeked it to get more flavor and better smoke but I can tell you that it was some of the most potent bud I've ever smoked. We never could grow enough to keep the locals satisfied. The Blue Berry to me was superior when grown in soil but it didn't have the earth shattering high that the hydro did. I did try keeping my ph constant and my reservoir topped off all the time and I didn't get the yield or high as when it would fluctuate. It could have been the strains I was running also though. If I get 1.2 gpw in soil I'm happy. I've just never been able to match it with SOG hydro.
    Oh and charface- i haven't seen what I'd say was REAL Blue berry since around 05. I've tried to find it in Amsterdam and Colorado and it's no where near the old genetics. First off none I've seen is blue. Second it doesn't have the syrupy sweet slap you in the face Blue berry smell. My buddy works at a seed shop in Amsterdam and said he still likes Dutch Passion so I'm going to give these a shot. I've got another friend that works in a coffeeshop and he told me that pretty much any cut a grower has that yields big, has a little sweet fruity taste with a hint of Blue Berry they label as Blue Berry and send it out the door. I tried a couple of samples of "Flo" in Colorado and it was nothing like the Flo I used to get back in the 90's. IDK what is going on with some of these genetics these days. All I can figure is people have lost mother plants and there are a lot of pollen chunkers/ shitty growers out slapping popular names on stuff. I hope that helps you mytwhyt.
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    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Dude if the crop is for sale keep your ears open ,to what the Punters want .Then go with that ,it's the reason I'm doing a Lemon strain ,it's Lemon smelling bud they want,So it's what they will get .You won't go far wrong with Super Lemon haze ,Ak47 ,Bubblegum .but go with what there liking now ,or what they went mad for .
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