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    I'm thinking of moving to co, its so late here already and no info, I want a job, I don't want to get fucked up, I just really am good at growing things and I like weed growing. Seems like I have no choice since its already may. When are they planning on planting? 2034?

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    I heard rauner on the radio all about RECREATIONAL before he won. now that he is in........ nothing.

    there are some pissed people with expensive dispensary leases an no bud. fuck state controlled grows. what like 13 grows for the whole state? just not going to cut it.

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    Just wait. Rauner will finalize it as he is doing. Quinn had the state so fucked up and left it in shamble. Rauner has approved the licenses that Quinn shelved and he is looking at making sure the tax and permit laws are in order. Dispensories are approved but it will take a year to be up and produceing legally for most. Personal care permits will be the quickest way. I would assume in 4 years he will make some kind of state wide recreational laws to bring the money in the state needs after the democrat rapeings over the year. It's just hard with so much corruption and dealing with the stupidity in Chicago.

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