Logistics Of A Small Timer Moving To Colorado?

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    I've lived in a state with harsh penalties on cultivating cannabis for 13 years. I'm willing to take risks, but want to minimize risk and learn what that risk is before making the move. From what I've read, small time growers in Colorado don't see trouble so long as they stay private and take the necessary precautions.

    I plan to run 7,500 watts of LED and approximately 7,000-8,000 watts of equipment in the basement of a 2,000-3,000 sq. ft. home. That draw would of-course never be maxed out with much of the equipment running >50% of time time (De-humidifier, Humidifier, etc). I'm looking to do 10 plants simply to minimize penalty if caught, but maybe I'm being too cautious.

    My questions consist of a few things: Penalties if caught as a non-resident with no card? Would I be drawing too much power? Would more than 10 plants be a non-issue? Good areas to live? Budget is $250k for the house.

    If I need to provide more information I'd be happy to. I've always wanted to live in Colorado regardless of the weed laws (even though that's very attractive) and would only have to be illegal for a year so that's factored into my decision making process.

    Thanks in advance for any input. I hope to join y'all some time next year.
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    Some of us remember the same harsh laws here in CO before the med and rec laws passed. It's certainly better now but there are still limitations.

    The (rec) law here allows every adult over 21 to grow 6 plants. No card needed. I don't think you even need to be a resident...but you do need a residence where you are the owner or where the owner has given their OK for growing/use to take place on their property. The only restriction on individual plant counts is that in some jurisdictions they have capped the number of plants per residence (usually 12) regardless of how many adults live there. If you own your own house and keep things private, you can abide by these numbers or not....same as it ever was. It all depends on how you play. Either way....there are no legal sales...but you can possess all your plants produce onsite where they were grown. The only restriction is that the total weight must stay on your property. You can possess an oz. without penalty outside your home/on your person/in your vehicle...but it isn't legal to smoke in public, the park, in a restaurant, in a car, boat, plane/etc .

    More than 6 plants could be an issue IF something were to happen....it would all depend on the circumstances and which Barney Fife came to call and what exactly it appeared you were doing with the excesses. If they thought you were dealing...it might take a completely different path than if they thought it was all for personal use and they were there for other reasons. Too much power? Pay your electric bill on time. It isn't illegal to draw power as long as you pay for it.

    A 2k-3k house for 250K? Doubtful. Home prices rise here as fast as pot prices fall. By next year it will be another 10% higher.

    My advice..take it or leave it....Don't have any expectation to make any money here selling pot. Whatever price pot commands there likely isn't the same price it commands here. Grow for yourself...and forget all about "sales" and all will be good. Keep in mind....always....that it's just as illegal to sell here as it is anywhere else....and prices are 1/2 or less what you may be accustomed to in an "illegal" state.

    best of luck in your quest

    CCCmints Well-Known Member

    It looks like that is true, no need for residency. I just assumed you needed to be a resident. I would be the owner of the house so that's not kosher I guess. I've found quite a few houses in my price range within that range of square footage. Sure, there are a lot of expensive places in Colorado, but I'm finding some decent areas with affordable, nice homes featuring spacious basements lol. I wouldn't be selling the pot. I just grow it and it gets picked up then I keep on growing.

    Regardless, it seems I would fall into the Drug Felony 4 category which has penalties I'm not concerned about and believe a good attorney could take care of without issue.

    Thanks for your insight.

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Don't expect to make money off selling weed here in Colorado, the market is saturated and unless you got your own dispensary it's gonna be tough to compete with legal grows. If you coming here to grow for yourself that's a bit different but house prices are going up tremendously.

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