Liquid potash

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    aussiegrowing Well-Known Member

    hey how’s it going,
    I’m just wondering if anyone thinks this will be effective for pumping up buds? It was the only thing I could find in Bunnings that seemed ok, we don’t seem to have much in Australia in terms of P,K boosters unfortunately, unless I’m not looking hard enough?. Anyway appreciate any advice

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    I don’t believe in “ boosters” generally the plant is going to take up so much and more isn’t always better.
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    aussiegrowing Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate, I haven’t given them any potassium yet while in the flowering phase. I just thought it could be helpful in helping them along a bit with the buds as I want to get as much as I can out of them. Although I agree with what you say, that the plants only take up what they need.

    mmsmms123 Member

    i grow in composted potash from the local mill and it works great. it has no nitrogen so it is gfeat as a bloom booster

    2011rex87 Member

    That looks pretty good to me. Snap a pic of the back of the bottle if you can. n-0 p-2 k-14 If you aren't using enough PK, that supplement would certainly help. You want to look at those N P K numbers. N needs to be high in VEG and PK need to be higher in flower. Go slow with that supplement because p-2 and k-14 means the K is very concentrated compared to the N and P. Meaning the Potash is very concentrated in that supplement so go slow and look for signs of burning on the tips of your leaves.

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