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    Hello everyone! I need some help picking out a light setup for thr space that I will be growing in. My space in about 30"x 28" long x 25" deep. What type of lights would you use, and why? I first was using cfls, but do not want to go that route for this grow. Any help and suggestions would be great. I was looking into going to use LEDs, but know you need more clearance to use them. So if thats the case, i can buy a small grow tent if needed. Thanks everyone. Have a great day!

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    Think Led bulbs with the diffusers off....

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    You could go with a DIY Cob LED, I have 6 Vero 18s, mine are the previous generation, running at just over 200w when at full power and I was able to get the fixture within 4-6” and didn’t get any bleaching or heat problems and this is in a 24” x 26” and 5’ tall cabinet.

    When I built the light I thought it was only gonna be roughly 180w but recently found out that with the driver I had I actually get a little more out of them and they are actually running at just over 200w.

    So if you were willing to do some work in building a light you could go with LEDs, but may not be able to get one of the diy kits as they all use the Vero 29 or the Cree 3590s and those are the ones that require too much height for micro or low overhead grows. But I may be wrong and there may be some kits that have the lower powered COBs, Inhavent really looked too much into the all in one kits as I already have more light than I need and even if I did want to build a new light I’d just source everything myself for a better price or to get better thing for the same price.

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