Light Timer Interruption

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    Hi Guys

    Had a power outage overnight and my digital timer was affected. My lights didn’t turn on this morning. When I came home from work I noticed the lights have been off all day, so I just turned them back on now. So my lights have been off for about 15 hours and the timer will turn them off again in 3 hours.
    I’m growing in a tent with an 18/6 schedule. I will also be getting an analog timer now.

    My question is should I skip the next lights out period (which would start in about 3 hours) and resume the regular 18/6 tomorrow or should I continue the regular 18/6 from now and let the timer shut them off in 3 hours?

    Also, will this trigger flowering?

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    You'll be alright. Just let them go off in 3 hours and continue on from there.


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    Will do

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    westcoast420 Well-Known Member

    Yup just carry on, shouldn't have any issues.
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