Liberals consider pot pardons when cannabis becomes legal

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    The Liberal government is considering ways to deal with Canadian criminal records for possessing pot that were on the books before marijuana becomes legal this summer.

    Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale confirmed officials are examining "all the legal implications," but would not say how the government is likely to proceed.

    "We're in the midst of a major change here. I know there is a real anxiety for a bit of a play-by-play commentary, but I think the responsible thing is to do the analysis, see where the unfairnesses are and take the appropriate steps to correct those problem," he told reporters in London, Ont., where the Liberal cabinet is holding a winter retreat. "But we need to do it in an orderly way."

    A potential amnesty program was first reported in La Presse.

    Critics have pushed for a pardon, or record suspension, program for simple possession of cannabis, and say people should not be criminally charged in the period before the government brings its legalization plan into force.

    'Existing law remains'

    While acknowledging "unfairnesses," Goodale said criminal charges and prosecutions must continue until the law formally changes. The government is aiming to legalize cannabis by July.

    "We're moving in an orderly fashion to change the law appropriately and get the job done. In the meantime, the existing law remains and people need to obey that law."

    Goodale said the change represents a "significant transformational change in the Canadian law."

    He said any legal moves to address criminal records would not take place until after the laws are in force.

    NDP health critic Don Davies said thousands of Canadians continue to get arrested, charged and convicted for something that will soon be legal, at a time when the justice system remains clogged and under-resourced.

    'Devastating' consequences

    "Parliament is well aware of the devastating consequences of carrying criminal convictions, especially for young people, Indigenous and marginalized Canadians," he told CBC News in a statement. "It is illogical and unjust to continue this policy on the eve of legalization."

    Davies said the NDP proposed amendments to the pot legalization bill that would provide an expedited pardon process for Canadians carrying convictions for cannabis offences that no longer exist, but they were rejected.

    "We once again call on the Trudeau government to create a process to pardon and expunge the criminal records of Canadians with cannabis offences," he said.

    Supporting rehabilitation, crime prevention

    Scott Bardsley, a spokesperson for Goodale, said anyone convicted of simple possession of up to 30 grams can apply for a record suspension through the Parole Board of Canada, five years after the sentence is completed.

    The government is now in the process of reforming the pardons system based on "evidence-based criminal justice policies" that support rehabilitation and crime prevention.

    He acknowledged pardons can be a significant barrier to employment, because some positions require criminal record checks.

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    If they are going to pardon, that effectively makes today the start of legalization. Not many police departments are going to worry about charging people and even fewer crown attorneys will prosecute. Those who do get charged can just sit back and wait for the pardon.

    Terps Well-Known Member

    I would say go for it as long as there was no violence or weapons involved.
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    but in the SAME BREATH fuckwit says

    "Trudeau says pot purchasers are funding gangs, organized crime and must be charged"

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    we really can't afford all these crime-prone whites

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    you said it

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    too little too would be very simple to stop busting people as of you ask?
    just stop doing it.
    these politicians think somehow there is gonna be a date and then after that date...its okay ...then we won't fuck up your life...and that's just the way the law is ... the law is shit...and those that up hold shitty laws follow suit.
    how about we hold some of these politicians to the" Existing law that remains..." with immediate prosecution when they screw up....
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    Government has been in the wrong for too long and were the main perpetrators of violence, incarceration, and stigma.
    They can not simply expect the people to put up with more unfairness.. All we want from them is to get their shit together and figure out how they can go along with their lives without thinking about pot if they don't use it.

    We are not looking for their approval.
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    The Hippy

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    Somehow for 60 years or better, many many of us knew instinctively that cannabis wasn't the harmful substance we were being told it was. We also knew that busting folks for cannabis only was wrong! We knew it didn't make you move on to harder more dangerous drugs. We realized it could be used daily and you could live a normal life. Living's were made and careers were developed. Families flourished and people used cannabis mostly free of any side effects or negative outcomes. Our only real worry was supply and the law. We figured out supply and worked diligently to improving and exploring cannabis's benefits.

    But on the other hand..........

    We tried and tried to make the alcohol promoting drunks understand that we were good people who choose another path. We pleaded for common sense, and we lost everything in some cases. Families were destroyed....businesses were ruined. Children lived in parent-less situations and spouses waited for spouses to be released from jail. Social dis-functionality was the label to be given to us by piss tank drunks. Blind inebriated politicians and cops who were so STUPID about what is easy to see. Yet it was not clear to them. Only to the " stoners " as were called. We hid and disappeared when it was time to use our beloved plant. Lived in the shadows at times and kept to ourselves on many occasions. We also put up with jokes and humor aimed at us for being useless pot heads. We missed trips and opportunities because we used weed.
    The amount of harm done to us by the mainstream alcohol drinking government is outrageous and disgusting to me.
    So personally I'm not about to simply accept an apology. I want the bastards to pay like we did. Pay for their stupidity and acts of inhumanity. I don't care much for being treated like a criminal for 50 odd years. They didn't listen. So IMO they can pay the price now somehow. I'm not about to forgive them at all. Not in any way. I want their alcohol money making businesses and tax revenues to fail and cost the SOB's who promoted booze to loose their wealth. I hope alcohol consumption decreases while the BM increases. I want everything they fail. I want to see them pay dearly for their ignorance towards us and our culture. I want their families destroyed and their feeling of superiority to disappear. I want an eye for an eye!

    cannadan Well-Known Member

    truer words have not been spoken
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    VIANARCHRIS Well-Known Member

    I don't see our situation any less offensive than other historic wrongs by Canadian governments. We have seen multiple prime ministers issuing public apologies for wrongs against natives, Japanese, homosexuals etc., etc. Most have come with multi-million dollar settlement packages. I don't want any money, but I sure as fuck want an apology along with all criminal convictions overturned.

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    You should demand at least equal taxes on any of the alcohol manufacturing chain.
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    and 10 million $
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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Oh my, do we need a wall on your border as well? If shit flows downhill, will we need more holes?

    Whatever is a racist neighbor to do?
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    Justin Creally, co-founder of North Strategic in Toronto, says advertising should focus on middle-aged users who want a safe product, and try to get more exposure in the media and at public events as well as using paid media campaigns. “Companies can tell stories about real Canadians seeing the benefits, whether those are medical or recreational,” he said.
    Huh?....benefits of recreational?...did he really say that?

    Marijuana producers also said their sales pitch will focus on the higher quality and reliability of legal product, a message that could resonate with the recent surge in rise in fentanyl-related deaths.

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    boycott the poison shwags!
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    The Hippy

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    FOREVER !!!!
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