Lesson learned about storage of auto seeds..and a mini review of 3BOG and Alien V Triangle

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    So I keep my seeds in a drawer in my garage. We've been in the mid 90's F since May and it never occurred to me that this would be detrimental to auto seeds, photos too I'm sure. I tried to germ two 3 Bears OG seeds and nothing happened. I tried a 3rd and its the same thing. No biggie really since they were freebies...plus I really wanted to try something new anyway. I also have 5 Alien V Tri beans that are probably toast too. AvT was a vigorous grower and very high THC content...but it made me feel way too anxious. I'm sure it's fine for what others might be looking for but not my cup o' tea. The 3 BOG and AvT both have a 3 month cure. At this point the 3 BOG smells very skunky while the AvT smells fruity.

    I ended up ordering some Dinafem White Widow and Bubba Kush, both autos. Luckily I still have several jars of 3BOG and I will get more as I really like it. It's an easy grow and very managable. Best smoking and feeling auto so far. 2 plants grew identical in every way. From what I can gather WW and BK both have the same relaxing sedative feeling but I guess you never can tell until you try them. I'm sure I've had both over the years but didn't realize what it was. I'm not too bumed out losing the seeds as growing something new is always exciting. Definitely a lesson learned. I'll post pics as they grow out.
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    Just finished up a Bubba Kush from Dinafem. Very good auto. 12 weeks to finish. Bud is a good relaxing indica with a good amount of the high in your body and behind the eyes. I got 4oz with no training but looks to be a good candidate for topping/lst as long as you do it within 14 days from sprout.

    Oh yea I forgot. I keep my seed stock in my sock drawer. Never had a problem. GL in the future.
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    That's good to hear. I'm learning that I seem to like a relaxing smoke over an uplifting one.

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    I always store my seeds in the fridge, and I never order seeds in the summer! I had a bunch of Mephisto Beans not pop, and it was a summer order. Im guessing they got damaged en route due to extreme heat.
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    Tell me about, i had 100% seed success rate, now these seeds i got from herbies, they sprouted sweet when i 1st got em, now i still have a few that are 5 years old. Tryed sprouting 2, no fire. Stored em in a draw, temps probs cooked em
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