Legalization advancing in Canada - Senate passes Bill C45 with amendments

Discussion in 'Legalization Of Marijuana' started by A Viking, Jun 7, 2018.

    A Viking

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    So were getting closer to legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada.

    Senate amended the original legislation so it has to go back to the Commons to sort out which will be accepted (most of them, as many were technical in nature. i.e. wording and punctuation). If the Commons overturns any amendments, then it's back to the Senate again.

    Could be several months before the legislation is finally passed and enacted fully. Oh well, gives me time to finish my grow cab! Heat sinks for the Bridgelux strips came in today!
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    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    The dominoes are falling on 'em. I can't wait to see the end of marijuana prohibition. Canada, Michigan will follow you.

    TurboTokes Well-Known Member

    Im unsure of how to take the one amendment. I believe it stated that each province was not obliged to follow the 4 plant count limit per household, and that they could ban it outright, but could they also INCREASE the limit?? To say 4 per adult.....??

    That would be huge for me, I need atleast a dozen girls to keep me satisfied playing in the garden. With 4 I would be growing trees
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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Haven't posted here in a while, but couldn't find anywhere else to post about Canadian legalization, surprisingly few forums around on it. So anyway a few things that I found recently may be worth sharing so others can use it somehow to get the laws made more fair than currently planned.

    Firstly, a recent Supreme Court case ruled that Provinces can control the flow of liquor, and therefore other goods, in and out of their borders, or something to that effect So how can the big LPs like Canopy keep marketing nationwide like they are now?

    There may be ways around that but my second point is that to grow tobacco you don't need any kind of federal license or permit. In fact in the page for Ontario it's not even a permit or license, just "registration" and it's free You just need to be able to show that you have a buyer already set up for your proposed crop. The legal weed policy doesn't even require that. You can just produce a big stockpile of weed and then try to push it. You can grow weed on "spec". Also tobacco producers have quotas. They can only produce the average of what they produced for the last three years. Where's the quota on Canopy?

    So you can see that there are a lot of inconsistencies between the proposed Cannabis regs and existing tobacco regs, which is a comparable product while liquor is not. Liquor is not a direct agricultural product, it's a secondary product, like making biofuel from corn. You could actually make liquor without even using plant material, just synthetic ethanol, flavors and colors. Likening Cannabis to liquor is just a way to make the regs harsher than appropriate. There is really no similarity, aside from both having an effect on consciousness. Completely different modes of action. I don't know of anyone who couldn't remember what they did while on Cannabis the night before, pretty strong difference right there.

    No, the Libs will have to either make tobacco regs a whole lot stronger or make a lot of amendments to the proposed Cannabis legislation, because right now the inequality is appalling. BTW it's also a little odd that tobacco growers don't need to use only seeds provided by the Government or have security guards or a scientist on staff. The stuff Trudeau will try to do to help his rich friends corner the market, huh?

    I won't be responding to any replies, just wanted to post the information to give others some stuff to think about before the big shafting of Cannabis growers, making it technically legal but the regs so inappropriately onerous that nobody but richies could ever afford it.
    A Viking

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    Well it looks like we're headed for a showdown between the commons and the Senate. Government will be rejecting a number of senate amendments, including the silly one about branded "swag" that had unanimous senate support.

    Glad to see that another rejected amendment was the one that would have allowed provinces and territories to ban home growing.

    The government has, unfortunately, also rejected the amendment about social sharing with minors. That seems foolish to me.

    I wonder how many weeks/months of political wrangling it will take to sort this out.
    A Viking

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    The last vote in the senate happened at 4:20 PM Pacific time today. Senate accepted all of the Commons changes to Bill C-45. We just need Royal Assent and a "coming into force" date and weed is legal!!!!!!!!!!

    So could be smoking legal weed somewhere between mid-August to mid-September.
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    budchemist Active Member

    Yeah absolutely great news.

    The question I have is the mid-August to mid-September date the date that the day the entire bill (growing and purchasing) will come into effect or will you be able to start growing after royal ascent.
    A Viking

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    We'll have to wait. Royal assent should happen before the end of the week. Provinces wanted 8 to 12 weeks to prepare, so the government has decided that this bill will come into effect upon a date of their choosing. We should know that date by the end of the week.
    A Viking

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    Well FFS, Trudeau just announced that the legislation will not take effect until October 17th. Four fucking months more.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Guys. I've traveled Alberta extensively having lived by Glacier National Park. I live in Alaska and have traveled AB , BC and Yukon. Took weed in every time from Washington, Montana or Alaska and my advice? Start growing now. I mean it.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    I mean when an old long haired biker drives through with it and nobody nowhere even stared at me that long. You guys are cool. Go for it. Not in the yard eh? Just be cool and use the season

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    From the air they look for the perfectly round shape and the unique color. Supercrop or LST. Plant flowers nearby.

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    New regs released around microgrowers, processors, nurseries. Most notably anyone applying can use existing seeds & make them legal by simply writing a declaration, you can apply for multiple licenses (opening the possibility of co-opts) & having a criminal record doesn't exclude you from getting licensed.

    I still have to read them myself but by all accounts it looks like a hugely progressive step that'll allow most people to transition to the new legal market.
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    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    Yeah, well at least the federal legislation doesn't expressly allow the provinces to outright ban home-grown like in the proposed senate amendment. I was SWEATING it there for a bit when the Senate introduced that amendment. It felt like i was a kid and an adult was hanging a piece of candy from a string going "lmao, its here.... but you cant have it!!!!".
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    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    I'm personally going to wait till the day it is legal.... then i'm going to call the cops on myself (for growing a single plant) and wait to get my ticket so i can fight it in court. these bastards cant get away with this.
    Grow for fun only

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    Grow for fun only

    Grow for fun only Well-Known Member

    Everyone wants to wait until the legalization goes through first, but still a little worry about that. Now the fun begins :):P:P
    A Viking

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    Well, perhaps mostly the hobbyists,like me.

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