Left light on for last 24 hours, 3 weeks into flowering

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    How does a hermaphrodite point to genetic defects in the plant? Am curious, as cannabis is considered subdioecious and falls into the angiosperm group... of the angiosperm group, a high percentage is herm by their very nature (75-80%~), < 15%~ are monecious, and the dioecious section sits close to 10%~. A majority of the samples found re: cannabis point to dioecious, but the subdioecious tendencies can/may produce flowers that are not 100% clear as to if they're male/female. Am not trying to argue, am just curious how you came to that conclusion - unless that was summarized with your 'own experiences' at the bottom of the post. Environment can trigger geno/pheno responses, and one of the traits could definitely pull herm, as an aside.


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    I believe he said "hermaphrodite tendencies" As in, some varities have more of a tendency to show flowers from both sexes i.e, some tropical sativas.

    These tendencies can be "bred out" or at least made less common through breeding. Breeders who dont take time to breed out less desirable traits end up with strains with higher tendency to turn hermaphrodite, be more susceptible to disease, etc. You're right, Its not really a "genetic defect", it is perfectly normal. It is more a breeding "defect" i suppose.

    I think the whole "hermie" thing is blown way out of proportion. I dont think female seeds are more prone to this condition, nor do I think "stress" causes it. If its going to happen, its going to happen.

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    I found this thread as I was very worried as the same thing just happened to me, somehow my timer didn't turn off, I had moved the surge protector last night and somehow the timer did not go off on time. I caught it but 6 hours too late. Very Thankfull for this old thread and the information contained and still alive here!!

    As far as stress causing hermies, yes, I found that out in about 1980..I was doing my first ever sense buds and one plant (all female) had been almost broken and leaning over so I tied it up and it grew fine but then became a hermie! I considered it lucky for me at that time as I didn't know about cloning and those plants were all I had..so I ended up getting seeds to continue my crop. Sense wasn't that common back then and it was more precious than Gold.

    Thanks guys for all the information about lighting issues! :)

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    I know this thread is old AF, but I got a new tent set it up in the dark cycle with green light. Was extremely careful moving everything over. Until I unplugged an air purifier that has a very bright, blue light LED screen. Went to plug it back jn, but because of the green light di dnt notice the light had switched ON! It was probably on for about 1hr not directly on the plants but I know they could see it as I saw it after closing up the tent. Will this light for a short period cause hermie?

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    I found this thread to be of some help to me also. I had a pretty similar situation happen...I have UVB lights on a separate timer in my setup and of course I'm over 5 weeks into flowering and left the UVB lights on for 4 extra hours while the main lights were on a timer and went out. So the UVB lights were the only lights that were on. After reading this thread and a multitude of others like it I'm feeling pretty confident I'll be fine. From what I've seen, heard and read plants (especially marijuana) seem to be pretty resilient. As long as theres no prolonged exposure to anything thats detrmental to the plant's health they can handle it. Everything just needs to happen in small increments, whether it's feeding or lighting or whatever. If you screwed up a little bit, as long as it wasnt a catastrophic fuck up, they will survive. Maybe I'm wrong, I am a "newb" and far from saying what I speak is the gospel. Just making an observation.

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