LED’s and calmag ?

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    Hey, whats your opinion on LED’s and calmag supplementation ? Im having major problems with calcium lockout or deficiencies, and cant really tell wich one it is, making it really hard to fix the problem ...

    Has anyone experienced similar difficulties with LED grows? This is my first LED grow and its my first time experiencing calcium deficiency/lockout ever.

    The led im using is a HLG 260w 4000k

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    Aolelon Well-Known Member

    Bro you have a thread already, the same people whom read this forum. Read the other one lmao.

    Gman94 Member

    I know i dont read in every subforum of this page so it makes sense to me that there would be lots of led people who knows something about this in this subforum that might not be reading in the «plant problem» subforum daily.

    CobKits Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    did you try searching?

    the effect on uptake and cal and mag with leds is dicussed all the time

    apart from supplementing with cal mag you can raise your temps to ensure good transpiration and uptake and the deficiencies will go away

    try to stay above 80 degree leaf temp

    Humple Well-Known Member

    ^^^^What CobKits said. The temp of your grow space is key. Getting temps over 80°F changed the game for me. Although there are those who - for whatever reason - seem to do just fine in the mid 70's, the prevailing and pervading paradigm here in the LED forum is "keep your temps up".
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    Viceman666 Well-Known Member

    I run my tent in the 74-80range (lights off 74, lights on 80F) and it worked well.. i did try recently to increase temps to 82F during light on with everything I had read, but plant didnt seem to like it so I went back to 79-80 during light on.. i guess it also depends on where you put your meter as higher or lower in your tent will most likely have different reading

    Edit : but yes regarding your question it appears more efficient LED require more cal mag - youre issue are very early in your grow tho.. mine started about 3 week in flower but I think it had also to do with my PH.. defintively consider putting cal mag and make sure your PH is good too.. do you use tap water or something else? Have you started feeding? Most nutrients line have some cal and mag in their product..
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    Gman94 Member

    Mine are also 3 weeks in, but the problem first appeared already in the first week. I then got it fixed. I dont know how, i thought it was because i lowered the calmag and raised the base nutes.

    Thanks for the replies. Im keeping my temp at a stable 83f now and i turned down my humidifier to get the humidity below 70. I was tipped of to check out this vpd chart and follow it, but i think maybe that wasnt the best idea. What kind of air humidity are you growing in?

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    Gman94 Member

    And also how do you dose your calmag? Im using vitalink

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    You three weeks in flower and your humidity is hitting 70? you asking for PM and bud rot with such a high humidity.

    Gman94 Member

    Was told to follow the vpd chart i posted a pic off. Starting to think maybe thats the root of my problems lol. Ill turn off the humidifier and see what happends

    Viceman666 Well-Known Member

    I didnt for this grow which is why ive run into some issue but it was not all the girl only 3 of them.. i just upped the nutes a bit (im using GH) and seemed to work for the other..it also helped with the PH as it has some buffer in the nute.. i didnt want to change much as it was already few weeks in flower but next grow ill add some calmag and monitor better my PH.. i think 3 weeks in flower my soil wasnt buffing my ph as it used to after the transplant and started the issue.. thats my best guess ill do better for my next grow its all about learning at least I should still get a nice yield out of all my girls.. vpd chart should be good to follow.. but with my dehumidifier ive set it to 40 at first and it was keeping the tent at 50-55 during light on.. now in my last 2 weeks ive set it a 35 and the tent is about 50-52 while light on and goes down to 46 when light out.. which is fine for me

    I havnt used the humidifier since at least late veg early flower cant remember exactly.. plant should be able to produce enough humidity on their own imo.. but it depends also on your set up, airflow, etc..

    WeedSexWeightsShakes Well-Known Member

    Unless his temps are real low humidity is not the problem. Having nute or ph problems for sure.
    What ppms and ph you watering at?

    Also check your runoff ppms and ph.
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    skoomd Well-Known Member

    It's possible.

    I would have figured VPD for sure though. ive never had issues with calmag under white or blurple LEDs before, including when they're butt up against the leds lol. And I dont feed much, if any calmag to my plants (soil). I got 1 magnesium deficiency under them in mid flower once, but it was a huge plant that ate 200-300ppm a DAY of nutrients haha. Raised ph slightly with my normal low calmag doses and it fixed.

    If anyone has a cal/mag issue though, just raise the PH to the higher end of things for a bit and it should resolve if you're feeding it calmag. It is much harder to uptake at the usual 5.8ph in hydro and 6.2-6.3ph in soil people aim for. And afterwards let it drift around each watering.
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    diyled Well-Known Member

    Ph soil? Lol... you crackme up.

    skoomd Well-Known Member

    If using synthetic nutes, yes lol

    Otherwise microbes got you.
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    I don't know about all that.

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    boilingoil Well-Known Member

    I'm fighting problems with my girls too under LEDs, so don't feel alone.
    Matter of fact, I'm probably going to ditch my LEDs and go back to HIDs.
    For one no way can I run my rooms in the 80s, I don't hit 80s when running HIDs with just good air exchanges.
    My nutrient profile works for every lighting I use besides LEDs and that includes my outdoor plants.
    I consistently pull 1.2-1.6 gpw under my 750 DE.
    By the time I add heat and the added cost of my nutrient profile change I lose the efficiency of running LED over HIDs.

    Gman94 Member

    At the moment i am at 600ppm aproximately, + 90 ppm calmag. Ph is at 6.0

    The plants have eaten a bit so right now its down to 650 ppm.

    Uploading some new pics, showing other weird symptoms. The last 12-18 hours have been with the humidifier on low or turned off so humidity between 40-55% and a temperature of 83-85f

    The water im using is very clean at 30ppm from the tap.

    Some leaves are curling up, some down, and some have yellow edges. Whats up??

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    Dave455 Well-Known Member

    Great chart for VEG.....maybe

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