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    Can someone pm me Jerry from Kingbrites email addy?

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    Hi guys. Interesting discussion going on in this thread. I'm a relatively newbie grower, so I just started out by picking up an "Advanced Platinum Series P600" which was recommended at Led Grow Lights 101. So far been doing well for me. Anyone else also have experience with this model? Maybe we can give each other tips and advice.

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    I have tent a 2' by 4' which is 5' high
    I have a Meizhi 900w Led
    I have a good inline fan with duct and carbon filter.
    I have auto fem Seeds
    Northen Iights
    Og kush
    Pineapple Express
    I have the basic starter pack from advanced nutrients.

    I am thinking 3 plants in approx 1' by 1' by 1' pot
    I am not sure what medium to use in pots?

    Do I seam to be on track? What should Iexpect. Any advise is much appreciated?!?

    nc208 Well-Known Member

    You should have asked peoples opinions here before making this purchase, That light is very overpriced and for that amount of money you could have bought an hlg550 and have 10x a better light.
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    nc208 Well-Known Member

    no you did not fuck up again, there are better lights you can buy yes but that should be able to grow some dank for you. Look at Quantum boards or Cobs if you want to see LED kick arse for an upgrade in the future.
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    This GDP came out crazy good bongsmilie

    IMG_20171123_075325~2.jpg IMG_20171123_075304~2.jpg

    Greengenes707 Well-Known Member

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    It's a beautiful sight, man. Killer smell and taste that comes with good granddaddy. Hope you are doing well. Happy Thanksgiving to all the homies
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    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    Plants stretch alot under it. Otherwise just go to town bro
    Important to have it in a tent or with panda film to focus the light or it will lose some around the edges with too wide a spread. Although that goes for most lights

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    DIY Bridgelux Vero18 pushed to 31W each 1 cob per square ft. 2 meanwell HLG-240s per
    4x4 flowering area 496W. Average over last 6 runs 2.15 lb !!!!!! IMG_20171126_224433.jpg IMG_20171126_224815.jpg IMG_20171126_224916.jpg IMG_20171126_224931.jpg IMG_20171126_225232.jpg IMG_20171126_225317.jpg IMG_20171126_230415.jpg IMG_20171126_230432.jpg IMG_20171126_230244.jpg
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    Yeah so I've been building a few fixtures lately and had cobs, strips and pin heatsinks laying around. The other day I realized one of my Vero 29 cobs was just missing. I've checked the house and garage about 14 times each now and the cob is just gone. I ordered a new one and it arrived today, bad part about it was I ordered a Vero 18 by mistake. I guess being stoned sometimes has it's consequences.

    On another note, when the cob arrived today Arrow sent a code for 15% off my next purchase if it's used by Dec 31st of this year. So basically I'm getting a better deal now because I got stoned when I ordered. What?
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    If anyones in the market tasty has a good price on a 200w 3000k vero fixture. I dont think links are acceptable on the forum but they are a solid company so i thought id throw it out there. I have no affiliation with them just want to give everyone a heads up.

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    Hello. I run 10x CXB 3590 DB bin, all together around 100 - 120W on 90cm x 170 cm room. Wattage is kinda low, but my plants are not stretching, but some of them have slow growth. Could that low wattage be reason for slow growth? I am confused, I wouldnt be asking if I saw streching towards light..

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    Pour the power to those COBs!!!
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    Yup 120w total to 10 cobs is crazy low. I have a 2 cob 3590 fixture thats 165 watts. 3 cob 207 watts.
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    I understand, but I see no stretching, they grow more side to side, like "bushes".. I leave them close to lights ( 13 - 20cm) and low wattage.. DB bin has the best specs on 3500K COBs.

    TheHero Member

    Anyone?? Why should I run my COB @ higher wattage if I can get it closer to plant and run it on lower wattage?

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    How did that post quote happen?

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