LED strip grow: Gorilla Bubble BX1F1 - Grimm C99 - Resin Cannatonic - TGA Hurkle - High Amperage

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    Just started my 2nd basement grow... comments, abuse, and advice welcomed.

    Strains: Started 20 seeds...
    Gorilla Bubble BX1F1
    Brother's Grimm C99
    Resin Cannatonic
    TGA Hurkle
    High Amperage
    Expert Gorilla Cookies.
    Anticipating 50% loss due to males...
    Footprint: ~3'x~6.5'
    Lights: 25-30 TCI 23W Led strip lights 3000k/4000k. Perhaps adding in a reworked 400W Citizen COB light depending on PAR levels. Aiming for 1000+ ppfd.
    Medium: Fox Farm Ocean forest + perlite.. 70/30 mix.
    Nutes: DynaGro ProTekt, DynaGrow FoliagePro, some FoxFarm I have on hand possibly.
    Odds+Ends: SensorPush Bluetooth for temp/humidity logging/monitoring, 6" exhaust fan controlled by Willhi WH1436A. 50 pint Dehumidifier for flowering humidity control/lights off heat.

    2-03-18 : Soaked seeds in RO water
    2-06-19: 100% seed germination, transplanted into Solo cups with 70/30 mix of MiracleGrow seed starting mix/Perlite sitting on heating pad set to 75F.
    2-09-18: All but 2 seeds above ground and doing well. 1 Gorilla Bubble, and 1 High Amperage yet to emerge.

    20180208_202706 (2).jpg
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