Leaving Seedlings for a few Days

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    So I'm brand new to growing, and I've got three new northern lights autoflowers growing right now. I planted them around 4 or 5 days ago and each one is about a cm tall with tiny leaves. The problem is, I'm going to be gone from Monday morning to Thursday night. So I have two options:

    1. Leave the seedlings to my roommate. The problem with this option is that if he notices that I've got some ganja growing in our place he probably won't be too happy, but at their current stage in development they just look like some normal plants.

    2. Leave the plants alone while watering them Monday morning and then Thursday night.

    Since I'm new to growing the main question is: Is it too big of a risk to leave the plants without water for ~75 hours and should I get my roommate to water them for me or should I leave them and they'll be fine?

    TexasT Member

    id let em ride. No sense in stirring up your room mate.before you do some more seedlings you should try making some of these.

    it has a compartment below to hold water and I used and used an old tee shirt to wick the water up to the grow area. I used coco coir to grow in . I saw it on YouTube by a user called mr duzee1
    I'm a couple days in. I hope they work
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    put them in a bigger pot and they will not dry out

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