Leaves not fading after flush?

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    Hey guys, so I flushed my plants about 11 days ago, and again about 5 days after with 3x the amount of water. 2 of the plants have started fading, and are close to being done but this one plant really hasn't faded at all yet, leaves have gotten a tiny bit lighter but its barely even noticable.. Normally id just give it a bit longer, but I'm planning on having it all processed into live resin so it needs to get harvested and brought to the guy at the same time. Do the leaves need to be faded for it to be fully flushed? Or is two weeks of just water and flushing the important part? Just want to make sure that it won't put any nasty flavors in my oil. 20180302_005129.jpg 20180302_005046.jpg it also started to fade on that sugarleaf, but no where else! I was planning on bringing my material to him in 3 days, so I'd need to chop in 2 days.. would love some input! Will this mess up my live resin run? I've been feeding a modified lucas formula, with 1.25g general hydro kool bloom powder, 6ml micro and 10ml bloom from gen. Hydro.. also im in foxfarms soil. Thanks guys!

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    It will be fine. You are about to get alot of mixed reviews on flushing though.
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    You must be growing some of that toilet kush.

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    mr sunshine

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    Whoever wants to flush.

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    Okay thanks a bunch!
    Haha man I'm just trying to get this right. I know it kills me to starve them in the end, but I didn't want it to affect the taste or color of the oil in the end. They're doing a wet extraction with it, so I figured it wouldn't hurt.
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    who told you it's time to do a flush?

    First off that's outdated info ya got there. Flushing is useless

    And it looks like you've got shit lights or you've got a few weeks left... They haven't even fattened up.

    Don't jump the gun and miss out on half your weight.
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    More pictures... What's your medium, lights, strain, how many weeks have you been in flower so far, how manyweeks has the breeder predicted to finish flower?

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    oops man I should've specified lol.. she was a runt from seed and the others were overgrowing her so she couldn't get much light.. I just threw her under some cfls to flower.. definately needs more light, but I don't have the means to support it right now.. my friend told me to cut a week early for better color. It's a 56 day strain, I'm cutting the other led tent at day 54, and this cfl tent will be at day 49 by then. I know I should let the cfl tent fatten up a bit more, but it all needs to go to him at once, and the led tent needs to come down soon.. also I could use the space anyways aha. Here's a couple pics of my other tent (they're alot more faded now, but I don't have pics and lights are off atm)
    Screenshot_20180302-074350.jpg 20180302_074503.png 20180302_074834.png
    And here's the cfls tent lol
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    if you lessen your feeding as the plant finishes(like the directions on the bottle?) you'll guarantee a tastier end.
    I never flush, some strain leaves yellow some dont

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    Ah it makes sense now, why don't you get some more powerful lights for your CFL tent. Good growing for for what ya got pal , they look nice.
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    you know that "flushing" actually triggers a response in your plants that makes them try to put on a last burst of growth, so they absorb as many nutrients into the buds as they are able to? so it actually does the exact opposite of what bro scientist say it does.

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    Just lower N and ease on nutes n feed all the way bro.
    Flushings for squares.

    4(207) Well-Known Member

    Give it foliage pro, protekt all the way through veg and flower. It is perfectly complete and balanced to avoid deficiency.

    Comes highly recommended

    $20 32oz bottle Foliage Pro 9-3-6 makes 189 gallons at recommended 5ml/gal dilution.
    $19 32oz bottle Protekt is a silica supplement that can also be used to raise pH, and it supplements potassium with 0-0-3

    I will also be inoculating roots and using carbs to feed bacteria and fungi.

    I'm doing a seedling run with it now, will report its performance!

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    A plant should be able to finish without "fading" if it is kept healthy all the way through the grow.

    In fact, if it starts to fade before it is finished then it is not producing flowers to its full potential...

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    yep for sure, heavier yields, more cabbage to trim, and when fed to the end you end up with unusable product.(just like tobacco fed this way) it has to be sweated and fermented and forced to rot in bacteria in order for that bacteria to consume all those unburned carbs pack into the plant material. Brix results throughout the cycle shows these facts clearly. A plant faded(like the ones in nature, fruit, veggies, etc=less light, less fungal activity, less frass=fade)
    will not have these unburned carbs and will smoke cleanly when dried without forced fermentation.
    we want grapes harvested with high brix, fruit with high brix, cannabis, basil, oregano, not so much.

    Gquebed Well-Known Member


    The fade is directly related to root health. If the roots arent healthy then the flowers wont produce to potential.

    At least that is my experience. When i harvest my roots are still bright white and the foliage still lucious green, while the flowers are completely done.

    I took Northern Lights #5, which is an 8 wk strain, to 14 weeks once. Roots, foliage were pristine while the flowers were ragged, staring to foxtail... i was waiting for amber trichs and they just wouldnt come.

    Then i realized this is because the roots were so healthy. Amber trichs arent an indicator of flower ripeness...they are an indicator of poor root health.

    The thing is... if you know what your doing and you know your strain then you know when the flowers will finish and can get lazy about the roots and time it so the flowers finish just when the roots start to go from neglect.

    Ive repeated this with several strains...works for me...
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    Dublin City Diesel

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    Hey Boston710!
    Your plants look great frankly. The burned tips here and there show that the plant was probably being slightly over-fed at some point but nothing too bad. That's why your soil is probably still a bit "hot" despite the flush. I'd say keep watering with straight water and you'll be just fine. Again, your plants look healthy overall, if you had a small LED or HID light in both tents, I'm sure you could grow some pretty big sugary buds.
    At this point, your little babies must start to smell pretty good ;-)
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    If you study grape growing you learn that the sweeter grapes have less yeild when using this technique. Here you find grapes grown for consumption use different finishing techniques for the end of the growth cycle.

    Basically you can have less sweet more yeild or more sweet less yeild. Thereis always a trade off.
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