Leafs drooping; plant won't grow

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    ppers New Member

    Hey guys,

    I've run into a problem with my grow. My plant was doing great right until the holidays. Then I left for 10 days and my watering system failed but somehow my plant survived. I emmidieatly watered and my plant seemed to have recovered one day later.

    One week has passed since then. The leafs are drooping but I only water when the soil starts to get dry. It has not grown in height but it seems very stocky.

    I'm suspecting root problems but I'm not very sure. I'm groing on plagron light mix and unter LED.

    Is it still recovering from underwartering? Any suggestions?

    underwatered: IMG_20170101_181150.jpg
    rewatered: IMG_20170102_175510.jpg
    1 wk later: IMG_20170107_095415.jpg

    Ohitsme Member

    I think she wants a transplant. If she recovered fine. What I think could have happened is that the roots got too dry and died. When she came back to life she started to focus on growing roots instead of leaves and now she's rootbound. She's got new roots and dead roots in that pot.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    I would agree with a transplant. When it was under watered the roots would've been growing like crazy in search of water.

    ppers New Member

    Thanks. I'll give it a shot.

    PurpleHazeSatyr Member

    Yes PPERS. Like everyone above said transplant into a 3 gallon pot and use a shock solution that will help. Advanced Nutrients B-52 is a very good supplement with complex vitamin b that will help plant recover. Once you transplant and give a vitamin b complex let her go and don't over think it. After about 7-14 days she will recover and look better than ever.

    ppers New Member

    You guys were right on the money. She's already looking better. Muchas gracias!

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