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Discussion in 'California Patients' started by turtledurtle, Apr 23, 2012.


    turtledurtle Well-Known Member

    What up,
    I will be driving through LA in a few days and would like to hear from some Rollitup members as to where i should stop to pick up some clones.
    would like to make the best of my stop,
    so who's got the real Cali genetics?. Turtle wants the funk

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    jpill Well-Known Member

    LA sucks for clones but Progressive Options in Burbank was decent. Last time I was there there clones were a little shitty due to the owner being on vacation ( or so he said) but overall they have a nice selection of cuttings.

    turtledurtle Well-Known Member

    cool thanks, i just emailed my info over to em

    spongey600 Member

    if you can get to one love in Long beach, i picked up 4 a few weeks ago and they were all healthy looking!

    semor90 Active Member

    anyone checked out PRC in San Pedro? They have a nice list and you get a free clone as ftp. Im gonna go check it out Thursday after this little storm passes thru.
    collective gardener

    collective gardener Well-Known Member

    The "Real Cali Genetics" are rarely for sale. When they are it's not 20 bucks a's thousands or even tens of thousands for a tray. I have not seen a real Pre-98 Bubba for sale in years. There are some decent OG's out there but the truly amazing stuff is hoarded and kept out of the hands of those who would make it available to the masses. As close as you'll come in So Cal is probably Progressive. If I told you how much I've paid for kill genetics before you'd have a heart attack.
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    Californicater Active Member

    In LA, Wonderland, on Pico near downtown has good clones. They restock Mon/Fri for best selection. Personally, I think the drive into the Valley is worth it to go to Cloneville,
    collective gardener

    collective gardener Well-Known Member


    Cloneville is the worst. Mite infested crap genetics. Everything that comes out of that place is pure shit. Took me damn near a year to get rid of the mites that arrived with Clonevill cuts.

    SFV KINE Member


    Learn how to propagate your own lines!!!

    We hardly give our KINE genetics to locals...

    Unless, we know them or they are vouched for by a true head!

    Shit, back in the late 1990's to get a "REAL" decent cut of "Red Pussy" or "Bull-Rider" (both of San Diego fame) were a minimum 10K!!!

    More for a healthy mother!

    Honestly, those are the best 2 lines Diego has ever sent north IMHO...

    I know some real Columbian gangstas, whom i have sold a touch of my prized feminized female seeds, they paid $50K for a rooted strike of the 2010 cannabis cup winner!!!

    Rich connected mother fuckers do not fuck around!

    I have worked w/some tetraploid Indicas that were beyond sharing they were legendary!!!

    To the point of offering $20 plus a bounty per seeds that have slipped thru when the best laid plans have gone a bit awry...

    We do horde the truly special lines!

    Especially, when we have spent 18 months or longer breeding, crossing, sexing, propagating, etc all to get the right taste, yield, or what have you...

    Few are in circles like this...

    Its a luck, location, networking thing in Los Ganjales...

    That cut was so exclusive Ice Tea's grow crew at the time, early 2001, could not get that strike and they were rich!

    Thanks Big D much luv & KINE!

    The clone scene in LA is shady...

    A lot of PM & Mites going round forever and ever...

    Lame ass growers w/no integrity passing on systemically tainted genetics to newbies all day long!!!

    Id never post where to get the real strikes & rooted clones here...

    That knowledge is for real 818 LOCALS only!

    Sorry irieites!

    N yeah CG the PRE 98 Bubba is a core component of our Collectives breeding program...

    We have crossed her to make: Bubba x Chemdawg, Bubba x Grape God, Bubba x Bubblegum, Bubba x Master, etc...

    HHaaahhaaaa its my favorite medicine for my muscle spasms besides my "TRUE" LA Confidential...

    TY A & V much luv...

    "Peace, Love and Prosperity be with us all" -Bob Marley 1978
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    collective gardener

    collective gardener Well-Known Member

    OK. You've done the talking. Where's the pics?

    semor90 Active Member

    collective gardener

    collective gardener Well-Known Member

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    semor90 Active Member

    W.E. man

    Eartheart in long beach has a huge list of clones also.

    marc88101 Well-Known Member

    Your a moron! you probabley smoke spice from the smoke shop....donkey

    medicalsb420 Active Member

    10G's for genetics???!!! bwahahahah! you got yer ass ripped off believing that shit... and it's ICE-T not "TEA" ... way too represent
    Kush Knight

    Kush Knight Well-Known Member

    idk, but some of those plants in the pic need fixin.

    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    Don't worry the post is from 2012 they were 'helped' a long time ago LOL BTW I hope Collective Gardener is doing good!
    Kush Knight

    Kush Knight Well-Known Member

    Damn I should go to bed haha. My bad.

    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    LOL no problemo most of us around here understand. I've resurrected some old posts too :) Growers smoke the best shit LOL

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    Happy Grinch 42O

    Happy Grinch 42O Member

    -The best place for popular/hard to find cuts: California care services. They have a website

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