Lambs Breath aka in America bread

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    Rastfar-I Member

    Im growing a few lambs currently * being Bobs supposed favorites - Marley.

    Gorgeous plants thus far. Small so far
    Anyone else ever run this strain? How was your yield? How about stretch? Any techniques you used? LST?, prayers to the devil?

    I might just hold one back for a 10 week veg and take some clones off her. I never rush a good thing... or is she? What was your experience with your Lambs breath (aka lambs bread common in US)
    Few picks I have 4 LBs and 2 in the cloner but they are a bit small compared to the others in my current grow - last pic.

    Lots of LST training on my girls
    Soil FFOF, Advance Nutes & More *light feedings. 2. 1000w MH/HPS currently in veg. with 4 other strains. Final reality of 10g smart pot.... she (they) might go under this crops scrog/trellis net next week with my older girls.
    20180304_223531.jpg 1520483704609-1435437195.jpg 1520483789259-97418506.jpg 1520483869769-911469115.jpg 1520483920236417340288.jpg
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    booms111 Well-Known Member

    Smoked real Lambs breath(bread) in Negril in 1998. Was 2nd time there so I knew to turn down all the hustle weed until I found a old Rasta with it. Cabbie drove me around for 2 hours or more and turned down a few guys that got pretty pissed when I said no there ganja wasn't good enough. I bought probably a half of the LB, was by far best weed I had in Jamaica to this day. Had Alaskan, Columbian, and lots of no name stuff back then on the island but the LB blew it all away. I remember watching national geographic on tv midday in a hotel on the cliffs and melting into the bed and laughing(giggles) at nothing for an hour. Was a great adventure for a 19yr old.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    from memory about the same hit as my power plant way beack from the 1980's

    at about 18%thc obviously loves the heat

    like all 100% sativas needs the height

    only a noob will grow this indoors

    unfortuantly like many old sativas is easily copied and crossed with an indica to try and harvest early

    but like with others does nothing but destroy the expereince

    if you can move her to a kiddie pool to the back yard in spring

    only then will you be grinning mad for months

    good luck

    sorry to you but sativas(Lamb's Breath) has thin leaves
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    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    The Lammy's , as my brother and me , used to call it was around our area in '85.
    I have never seen one seed company that claims to have this strain, produce pictures of anything close to what I had!
    They all have some spindly sativa looking junk!
    I don't believe that it is a hundred percent sativa strain. Like many great Hawaiian strains as well. They most likely are sativa dominant hybrids.
    The buds we got, we very dark brown chunky little buds , and they were just so sticky and oily you couldn't even roll a joint. Had to be smoked in a bowl.
    The reason I believe it was a hybrid, other than appearance, is the high! It was devastating!!! Super potent, very long lasting peak affect. Like 2-3 hour peak, but totally effect was about 5 hours.
    It was very psychedelic, but also an equally extreme body blow. We couldn't do anything but lay on the ground and hold on the the planet, as we would be hysterically laughing out of control till our facial muscles were cramping and spasming!!!
    The flavor was like a dark spicy smokey and hashy. Only required a few bowl tokes. And not racy or paranoid like they say most Jamaicans are.
    We also used to get the Jamaican Red bud. That stuff was very strong herb, that was brownish-red and was super sticky and spicy.
    But not even close to the strength as the Lammy's!
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    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    Shit, if you had it in '98, and it sounds very similar to what I had in '85, maybe it might be still around somewhere in Jamaica!?!
    But guarantee, they not giving that one out to some white guy on a seed hunting mission in Jamaica!
    They give them the junk stuffs!!!
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    booms111 Well-Known Member

    They do have lots of tourist swag weed. My guy down there use to always have 50 gallon trash bag full of low grade. Sucks they mix stuff into there hash alot to like tree sap or even some kind of black tar. I had to go out to a small plantation in mountain to get fresh hand rub hash.

    I haven't seen anything like the real LB since, everything I've seen has been hybridized with European genetics but there is probably some old timers with close to the pure LB we remember.

    The LB i got had no seeds, the old fellow i got it from explained to me how to make sensimillia. I did bring back some Alaskan seeds 1 time among other things. Grew them outside but they wouldn't even get close to finishing in the northeast. They were huge with giant leafs. We stood under them and burned many bowls.
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    Rastfar-I Member

    I agree that sativas almost always have a thinner profile of leaf structure.
    I will post pics of these ladies as they mature being, the leaves tend to thin out considerably as she matures.
    But I wont be surprised if I was lied to and didn't call him out when I saw the leaf structures.

    I recieved my teen (smaller plant fully rooted in a 1gal last summer) and thought: WTF? look at those indica dominant leaves... well as the 1st plant slowly (and I mean slow as hell) grew to about 2ft tall under a bit of lst I noticed the leaves grew a little more narrow and longer but not enough to convince me of any full sativa as claimed. In October last year my backyard plants were stolen and I was left with 1 cutting.
    Again I have grown her out to about 18" and took about 20 cuttings off her. The success rate was about 1 in 5 thus my 4 smalls now.
    I'm interested to see if this supposed lambs breath is a keeper. Again I'm waiting for late April to take 3 of em outdoors (crappy typicaly rain springs in Wa) the other largest about 14" I will attemp to flower with this current crop indoors. If it works, then it works...if not
    Its all good 3 for my attempts outdoors and two cuttings in the cloner.

    Would love to see pics of confirmed lambs breath at various stages of growth. I fully agree with you: the leaves say indica crossed into this strain.

    My source of the original teen assured me this was the real deal but also claimed to have a lambs breath x some type of diesel
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    aaagreen Active Member

    hawaiian and jamacian flower is some of the most incredible flavor and terpene production there is. big ups.

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