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    GiuseppeCantone Member

    I use CBD and I have noticed that there is a lack of CBD strains and crosses that are being created. So I would like to make a couple crosses. Any advice will help. I have a really good and old DJ short blueberry cut and I will be hitting it with pollen from High CBD plant.
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    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    There are plenty of high CBD strains out there. You have to look around and don't limit your search to just one seed bank.

    GiuseppeCantone Member

    Seems to me that most breeders don’t have a CBD line, or If they do, it is just a couple strains. I have been grabbing a lot of alphakronik and subcool lately. Pacific NW roots has a few right now, but not normally. I have found a couple “hemp” guys on Instagram, but it’s tough. If you have any good strains/breeders that you know of, I would love to go check them out.

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Check out Candida CD1 by Medical Marijuana Genetics. 20:1 CBD:THC ratio. They have several other high CBD strains as well.

    I'm going to be making a crosses of my own using a Candida CD1 sativa pheno I have. My plan is to pollinate a Night Nurse and a Colombian Gold with pollen from the Candida made by using the silver nitrate/sodium thiosulfate method to make pollen from female plants.

    Good luck with your crosses and happy growing!
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    dabby duck

    dabby duck Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a good start...

    Initially I like to make open pollinated F1s with as big a population as can be managed, then at least go to F2 to see and select variation. Mainly just have for backup, seed banking and obviously making F2s....

    F2s seem to make a good crossroads, you can backcross further down the line or backcross selfed F1s, etc etc, you can also start the makings of going to F3 and decided if the line is worthy of further line breeding aka IBL. Plus making/keeping F1s is insurance in case you get this far and fuck up. It happens and for a variety of reasons; loss of vigour, poor crossing lack of desired structure, loss or change of flavors, the 5_0, etc etc

    Really, its your choice to pick a direction or many directions:

    all CBD,

    all Cbd but with blueberry terps,

    thc/cbd hybrids etc etc
    None of these are single allele controlled processes as far as we can tell, so Punnet crosses can give you an idea, but multiple alelle Punnet's are a little more interesting and maybe worth a look....

    Im working a couple of males from a strain called Cherry Wine, a 23:1 high cbd. The wife x colorado cherries, crazy lineage, some R4 and Harle-Tsu on separate sides and definitely some skunk. Good luck on your chucks,its addicting :joint:
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I just got a bunch of seeds from a buddy that are crosses of Island Sweet Skunk and DJ's Blueberry. I'll be crossing some of those with my Otto#1 female to find me a good CBD version. Bunch of other strains I like that will get the Otto treatment too.

    I mostly make cocobudder out of mine as it works better and lasts a lot longer than smoking.

    Good luck with yours.


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