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    just made this from an old olive keg, the lid is actually two pieces, but i'm only using one, it fits in there tight with a rubber gasket. completely light proof, hold a gallon, thought i'd give it a try, thnx for the inspiration IMG_20170521_130008.jpg
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    I asked about your pH last week..... You Never answered. So I guess your not concerned.

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    I did DWC with seeds before. After a few hours the seeds were floating in the res. The water level was really high. This obviously wasn't going to work. I then grew the seeds in the old paper towel in a cup trick. I grow it so the root is like 3-4 inches long and the stem is a few inches long. At this size the plant will be held nicely in the hydroton and the roots can be dangled through the net pot into the water. And it is better to never use clear plastic containers. Always use black completely light proof containers. Good luck with the run hope it yields a tonne of dank chronic for ya.

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