Kindbot Buddy: Real-time cannabis plant diagnosis

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    Newcomers can end up frustrated out of growing their own when they run into an infestation or watch their clones wither away. It takes time to learn to manage the challenges to growing great flowers.

    Magazines, blogs and forums like rollitup have played a key role in proliferating this knowledge to grow the community.

    At Kindbot, we've developed a tool to simplify troubleshooting problems with your grow called Buddy.

    Use it via the Buddy web app or download it on the Google Play Store

    You've probably spent time scanning a nutrient deficiency chart, comparing leaf patterns between the reference and what you see on your plants.

    We've spent time analyzing thousands of grows to identify patterns of plant stress signs in many different settings and under all kinds of lighting.
    classifier.gif In the end, we have a tool which quickly recommends diagnosis based on visual evidence from photos you send the web app or in real time through your Android phone's camera feed.

    Buddy has learned to identify common environmental, pest, nutrient, and fungal issues, and like
    people & Buddy can improve as it sees new grows. It even generalizes to plant species it hasn't seen before.
    By streamlining access to quality resources based on feedback from your grow, we hope to reduce the learning curves and help more people grow their best buds.

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    Twitter: @Kindbot_io
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    This app seems promising. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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    Thank you for checking it out! We hope it can help the community and will continue to improve it :D
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