Ken’s GDP Indoor DWC Grow

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    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    Last Crop

    Light- Perpetual 4x 600 Watt HPS Grow Running 2 lights 4 weeks apart.

    Nutrients- GH Flora Trio Base with custom additives;

    Floralicious plus (Veg), Sweet Raw (flower), Calmag plus, RapidStart, Silica, koolbloom wet/dry, Superthrive, Hygrozyme, Crystal Burst FloraKleen.

    Medium/Air Levels- Hydroton, 5 gap buckets, 6” Net pots, Each 2 split a 45 watt Eco Plus Purp and a active aqua pump from Walmart.

    Root-zone Health- Heisenberg Tea; (Greatwhite, Hydroguard, Ancient Forest Humus, blackstrap molasses)

    Bug Prevention; Neem Oil, Peppermint Hemp Castile Soap, Rosemary oil.

    Pheno Info:All Clones/All same Pheno, Ken’s Grand Daddy Purp, the Pheno doesn’t self Purple- just finished a run and I let it go about 10 weeks and still never happened but does have the deep sour grape smell. I’m going to try to make her purple this run by using a product called purple maxx and cold temps. I only popped 3/10 seeds so I didn’t hunt through the whole 10 for a true purp. I was running OG Alien Rift at the time a frosty girl but yield was low so we swapped for the high yield grape Pheno (the other 2 were male) not to mention we pulled 23% return off a 50 micron screen.
    The growth of this plant is ridiculous. I had 9 plants fill the 10’x10’ room and kept the canopy around 8” deep. The training done was exstensive that’s why we’re going with small plants this time and we lollipopped to about an inch canopy befor switching to flower about 3 days ago. I’ll post pics of the last Grow and this one recently started.
    Open to comments and any suggestions on the purpling as well as nutrient suggestions. I’ll be switching to either Cyco, Heavy 16 with MOAB, or Canna.

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    indeed it was to my dismay as well when growing out the GDP that most dont purp up, colder temps do play a part though, having read of others growing a lot of GDP its true many do not purp up, possibly look for other purp types if you want solid color through and through, color aside its still very nice looking bud with bright orange pistils, and smoke quality is definitely there, but yeah those example glamor pics of super dark purp/bright orange pistils GDP we see in a google search are not the common pheno in reality...its misleading,
    the 2 pics below are GDP x C99, approx 10-15% of these purp up just like the original GDP, the rest very plain though nice buds present.
    apparently Rare Dankness Rare Darkness is a quality purp type where all turn a solid color, also heard good things about Melvantics's Buckeye Purple & any of Norstar Genetics types with Purple Mayhem in them
    gdp1.jpg gdp2.jpg
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    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    Can’t figure out how to like but +rep as soon as I find this button I got you.
    I actually watched a buckeye purple grow under some LEDs and it was awesome leaves stayed green bud purpled. Wish I would’ve picked up the gear when it was on seedsherenow Missed some mendo from CSI too but I actually have a pack of Ocean Grown Ninja fruit i was planning on popping if I couldn’t get this to Purp. I ran rare darkness Starkiller for almost 2 years too so i trust what you’re saying about them. Thug Pug is suppose to be a mendo hybrid company too. A lot of the cuts I’ve seen from Cali tend to purple even the ones that don’t claim to be the OG cut but I feel you about the seed form bud.
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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    all good, yeahhhhh ThupPugs Tangbreath pictured below is gonna be a stud in an upcoming purp breeding session here at a later date
    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member


    Day 10
    •Nutrients for each plant ( water level filled to bottom of pot, about 3.5 gallons don’t allow to drop. Most room for root growth/ More roots more fruits.)
    - Flora Trio
    6ml Gro: 16ml Micro: 22ml Bloom
    - Liquid Koolbloom 6ml
    -RapidStart 2.5ml
    -Heisenberg Tea
    -6ml Cal-mag plus
    -10ml Sweet Raw

    PH 5.8

    Going to Switch to Jacks 321 with Jacks Hydroponic/ Cal-Nit/ Epsom Salt/ Humic/ Silica/ Heisenberg Tea.

    Maybe a cal-mag supplement. Would use the sulfur high recipe but can’t find enough info about it.

    Got to do more reading since I’m running Hydro want to clarify nitrogen ratios but if I need a N boost I got a bunch of flora gro I can just use that for N boost.

    Probably add some cane sugar after reading this:

    Already calls for Epsom salt.

    Moved the plants to this side one of the lights went out gonna fix soon it was either the recepticle or the ballast. Got another light being filled on Sunday.
    Giving another neem/soap/rosemary spray today. Purple Maxx will be here on Friday gonna run foliar spray.
    Started The Ninja Fruit as well.
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    If you want purple with some punch to it. Mass medicals strains star pupil. Purple every time. Or triple purple dojo or triple purple rhino both purple every time. All three are good quality smoke. Mass medicals has several crosses with star pupil that turn as well. Theres phenos of star pupil x prayer tower? I think testing over 30% maybe star pupil x deadly sativa camt remember for sure. But I test for him. Last run was lambs pupil. Star pupil x lambs breath. Very potent smoke. Easy grow. Great grapes flavor. With some honey on the back end.

    mir_20171222_061226.jpg mir_20171222_061211.jpg mir_20171222_061154.jpg mir_20171221_172423.jpg mir_20171221_172102.jpg mir_20171222_061313.jpg mir_20171222_061302.jpg mir_20171222_061249.jpg

    ^^^^^Lambs Pupil
    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    Good looking stuff man. I grew a Cheeseberry when I first started dwc outdoors that was very nice but since then... 45776B13-29A1-42C6-959C-69E134F297B4.jpeg
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    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    Day 16
    Tamaro they’ll be switched to Mid bloom early @ 2/3 strength Flora, adds @ Full strength. Purple max gets here Tamaro too.
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    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    Getting Ready to do Rez Changes.
    All Reviews Said to drop nutes to 1/3 strength.
    I’ll do 4 plants; 2 I’ll spray before lights go off, 2 before they go on. 1 each with purple maxx in Rez and one without.
    Running right next to em for a side by side without any purple maxx.
    Foliage feeding at <.5 ml per quart very light spraying.
    Ph 5.8
    Nutrients: 1.25x 1 gallon feeding in a 3.5 gallon Rez~ Milliliter
    3.2 Gro
    9.4 Micro
    15.6 bloom
    3.2 Koolbloom liquid
    1.25 Floralicious plus
    3.75 cal mag plus
    Tea will be added @ 1 cup per gallon tamaro morning.
    Purple max in Rez will be 2ml starting, upped from there as long as no signs of burns. (Say feed wrong bacteria’s quickly so we’ll see.)
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    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    New nutrient schedule I’ll be ordering
    Jacks hydro formula
    Epsom Salt
    Fulvic & Humic
    Homemade Terpinator (Potassium Sulfate+Dark Brown Sugar)
    Homemade MOAB (Monoammonium Phosphate & Monopotassium Phosphate)
    DIY Hammerhead (Monopotassium Phosphate, Potassium Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate)
    Heisenberg Tea
    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    Purple maxx
    Sprayed 2 days ago no purpling on any plants yet. It say will feed bacteria like crazy and the ones I added to the Rez it really is super driving my tea it’s foaming in Rez but feeding my bennies I got some clean roots and a lot of new root growth.
    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    Crystals appeared on fanleaves. Seeing the SnowStorm part at least.
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    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member


    Started all my remaining Ken’s GDP seeds. Read a log on here where the grower inbreed his line and came out with a really nice full purple pheno [leaves & bud].

    Already planning on crossing the Ninja Fruit x Kens GDP to make some F1’s then inbreed to get the full pheno profile of both strains. That will be ready first as long as I get a male from one of the four Ninja Fruit I have in vegetative.

    Still like the idea of having another chance at the full purple pheno, as well as a large storage of GDP seeds.

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    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    5/6 Kens GDP sprouted
    [Top 5]
    GDP has 3 sprouted, 4th on its way.

    [The Bottom 5 are Super Lemon Haze]

    Upped the Purple Maxx to 1ml per quart then foliar
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    Buck5050 Well-Known Member

    Good Luck! I will be watching for sure.
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    xox Well-Known Member

    like the setup how many watts and how much btu for cooling
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    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    Thank you both.

    Both veg /flower room are connected by a hallway and share an a/c unit at about 11,000 give or take BTU. I don’t know the watts unfortunately.

    Flower room is 4x600 Watts [2400watt total] all are wired to a 4 outlet control box connect directly to my panel running @ 240v. Was using digital ballast but I’ll be switching back to magnetic.
    [I feel like I get more output from this setup with magnetic]

    1- 8” in-line fan per 1200 Watts the air is pumped into a sealed room vented outside. The other end is left open to create a negative pressure, to pull air in from the hallway off the A/c if I need to [I Rarely need to]. Around 400 watts In Fans

    Veg Room is 2- 8 bulb 4’ T5 Flourescent Lights 430watts each [Blue Spectrum Bulbs] about to be switched over to 240v.

    Around 360 Watts of airpumps indoors, I have around 10- 45 watt Eco plus pumps. Right now I’m running 8.
    Herb & Suds

    Herb & Suds Well-Known Member

    I just cracked an old pack of GDP but not looking for purple just dank
    14 seeds all sprouted ...4 were slow and got tossed , 5 of the 9 were girls so fingers crossed one will taste the way I hope
    Good luck on the purple hunt
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    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    Thanks bud, same to you.

    [Right as they Turned off]
    Day 28
    Purple maxx in reservoirs upper to 7.5ml in both reservoirs, otherwise same previous measurements. Foliar @ 1ml a Quart.
    3rd light running MH to add some blue spectrum to the room.
    Kami Samurai

    Kami Samurai Well-Known Member

    Day 31
    Greasy Strain. Buds are already super sticky and dense.
    I’d like to run this pheno outdoors, it grows like a cheese berry I had once. Each top develops like its own plant and the way it grew out from such a small canopy and still need extensive defoliation.
    The purple max burns the pistils but they recover quickly [About a day or two]

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