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    RustyShacklefurd Well-Known Member

    so I received a cheese freebie with an order I made last year and it's about 5 weeks in flower now and has a straight up BO stench my filter isn't doing a thing for it

    my question is if I wanted to make s1 of this plant should I just cut everything off of her exempt for a mug or two and let them go well past and collect the pollen from the sacs that form and hit my other freebie with said pollen or is there a better way for me to go about this?

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    It will probably pollinate itself if you let it go long enough. Look up "rodelization". You can definitely collect any resulting female pollen and use it on other plants also.
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    RustyShacklefurd Well-Known Member

    yeah I was reading up on it I tried cs spray before with no luck just destroyed my plant so I was hoping to use rodelization

    if I let it go and collect some pollen do I just keep it going for another few weeks after to let seeds ripen I haven't seen much info about that

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    It takes awhile for the seeds to mature (about 4 weeks). The time I did it and was most successful, I harvested the top half of the plant and let the rest go to 13 weeks (8-9 week strain). I got about 30 seeds. If you can save any of the pollen, (which I found difficult), it would be easy to pollinate the lower branches of another plant when it first starts to flower. I have done that with male pollen, but not with the female yet. Good luck!
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    ChaosHunter Well-Known Member

    @cindysid any trick to harvesting and storing pollen that your aware of ?

    RustyShacklefurd Well-Known Member

    medication or film bottle with some rice and freeze should stay good for a year
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    MonkeyGrinder Well-Known Member

    If it's from Delicious I can say the dope is pretty awesome. And on a side note they reveg very well. If that's an option I suggest doing that and taking some cuttings.
    If you think they stink now wait til they're jarred up @ curing RH for 4 months. Smells like dope with an undertone of musty jungle boot socks with aged cheese inside.
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