just ordered my first pack of TGA seeds......

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    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    It was a hard decision....and im stil a little concerned....I dont have a lot of $ as I support a family of 5 on $13hr job....so when I order a pack of seeds for my next grow its a big deal and a big decision.....I grow one plant at a time for personal use....I always go the fem route for obvious reasons....I just placed an order for a 5pack of Ace of Spades....just wondering what kinda experiences u guys have had w 5packs?....female ratio?.....like have any of u ordered a 5pk n hit 5males?...herms?....outstanding blow ur mind results?....if I get 2females outta the pack ill be happy. ......u sold me sub....im a big fan and love ur work....I hope I made the right decision.

    kryptoniteglo Well-Known Member

    Try germinating at 70 degrees -- Sub has mentioned that he believes it increases the chances of females.

    If you pm me your address I will send you a few beans of other TGA strains -- I don't have a lot of seeds, but I'm not trying to support a family of 5 on a $13/hour job, either. So out of respect for you and your commitment, I'd be happy to help out a bit. I have enough to last a few more grows, and I am about to order Pennywize because I'm excited about the harlequin. So I'm sure I can spare some of what I currently have. That might take some of the pressure off using regular seeds for the first time!

    B166ER420 Well-Known Member

    Great tip about germing,I think sub did say that himself.That's some stand up shit right there:clap:

    direwolf71 Well-Known Member

    :bigjoint: awesome gesture...+rep!

    Pacificplanter Active Member

    I have given away about 100 or so seeds this year to struggling growers, asking only that they grow the seeds out with love, no buds for me at harvest, no thanks :) I am happy to help and I wish more people would be more about weed, less about greed. + rep for the kindness man respect.

    Ace of Spades? I do not know this strain, but have grown Plushberry by TGA BCS x Space Queen. I got 6 out of 10 female to male ratio. No hermies, just berry tasting dank. I like it a tad stronger, my only complaint, but tastes and smells like fruit, with a nice heady effect. Everyone also liked the bag appeal, which is strong with this strain. You will have easy time finding females, maybe having too many to choose lol. I went with Qush for this grow.

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    what are the germ rates at 70 degrees?

    kryptoniteglo Well-Known Member

    I don't know if there have been any controlled studies about germ rates at lower vs. higher temps. All my info on this has come directly from this chat room, and all has come from Subcool, so it's a one-source concept. However, there is something intriguing about it, even if the evidence at this point is anecdotal. In one of the last 10 Weed Nerd episodes or so, Subcool was talking about someone he knows complaining about having so many males with TGA seeds, while Sub has a lot more females. The difference was the Sub was germinating around 70 or 72 degrees, and the other guy was germinating in the 80s.

    My own (limited) experience is in line with this. I first popped two Jillybeans at about 80-85 degrees last summer. As an impatient first grower, I was THRILLED when they broke up through the rockwool cube in 2.5 days (I do hydro). Not so thrilled when 6 weeks later I discovered they were both male. By then it was October, and I germinated two more Jillybean seeds, this time at around 70 or 72 degrees. They took much longer to break up through the cube. Almost 5 days, and I was worried about them. But happy as a clam when they were both females.

    So I'm thinking why this might be the case. What's the advantage to the plant in nature, especially for one that can self-pollinate? Why would there be a hormonal change in the seed to create females over males, or vice versa? I figure that the females grow a little slower, and their peak pollination time is 4-6 weeks into flowering. So let's say there's a field of plants, all leaning toward females at first because outdoors they germinated in the spring under cooler temperatures. If another plant germinates later (warmer temps) it makes sense that it would be male, because it grows a little faster and can pollinate at around 3 weeks of flowering. So the big field of females (maybe a few males in there) just needs one or two late-germing males to pollinate enough of them to ensure the survival of the species. Therefore it makes total sense to me that warmer temperatures for germination would throw more male plants, just in case all those females from the earlier germination were going unpollinated. And then, if there still is no pollen, the plant has one final chance at a new generation by self-pollinating.

    Just my conjecture, not scientific at all. But it does make sense to me!

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    thank you ...

    kryptoniteglo Well-Known Member

    And now that I'm thinking about this -- I don't know why people complain about hermie plants, as if they were somehow defective! In fact, they're the "super" plant! They're the one that's taking a hit for the team and going through a convoluted process to keep the species going in the absence of regular pollen. They're rock stars!

    I guess the sinsemilla trend has turned people into hermie-haters, when in fact they should be bowing down to the awesomeness of this plant's abilities.

    There's no justice...:)
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    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info and replies everyone....and kryptoniteglo thats an awesome gesture...and I appreciate it....I have a few seeds left from previous orders tho...4aurora indica and 2 white widow / afghan kush....and a handful of seeds from an accidental breeding project....ha.....I just had to see what all the tga fuss was abt.

    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    I went w ace of spades cause ima fan of nugbuckets mainlinig thread.....thats how I train most my plants and his was oh so pretty in that thread

    kryptoniteglo Well-Known Member

    That's cool -- as long as you feel sorted out. If something goes awry and you run all five seeds and get males, pm me then and I'll hook you up with a few more. I'll remember you. Good luck!

    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    Mine are awesome.....ive always germed in my home...in wet paper towels on a plate on my bedstand...70-72degrees...in the past year I think ive had one seed not pop......I sprout n grow under same temps

    PuffPuffPassBitch Member

    yeah i have been thinking real hard about trying TGA strains but i don't know if i can get the nerve to order from a seedbank sub is one of the most cool dudes i have ever met seen him at the emerald cup really cool and knowledgeable only TGA strain i have tried or at least i was told this was the strain was jillybean very nice smoke i have heard from people that ace of spades can be finicky to grow not a good strain for a beginner of course just heresay

    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    Thats awesome bro and thanks again and if that hppns ill def take u up on that ...ive been trying diff seedbanks and to tel u the truth ive not been disappointed yet....im a fan of subs and love his work and the look of his strains so had to giv his stff a try...if I get males which im not a breeder so I cannot use them ill hit ya up bro.....ill swap ya out a couple of an accidental cross I came up w.....purple strain crossed w bubbleicious.

    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    ive had a hermy...tho it was smokable and I gotta few seeds....it was no "rockstar"....haha.....I guess im just brainwashed into the idea that good weed doesnt have seeds......this bud was actually stil pretty good.....and ive not grown any of the seeds out yet

    Africanherbsman23 Member

    very nice bro... this is what our community was built on ... much respect
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    IlI' take any id you're not using
    Herb & Suds

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    He hasn't been on since 2015
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    With changing laws banks change daily
    These days its mostly

    James Bean Co.
    Attitude Seed Bank

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