Just finished week 9 of flower and the tips have white hairs (maybe light beaching)


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Just finished week 9. I’m using 600w led Zeus pros and they are around 50cm away roughly from the Canopy. The tips of all the top buds have a lot of white hairs on the top and the lower ones don’t. Check the pictures I was hoping they would be ready soon thanks for any advise
You can hope all you want, the plant will finish when it’s ready.

Lots of factors can cause plants to take longer.

Feeding issues, temperatures, lighting etc can all play a part in how quickly or slowly a plant ripens.

Week 9 is ok. Maybe another 2-3 weeks.

Always expect a min of 70 days.


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I took out my green sensation (pk boast) a couple weeks ago. And I’m just feeding a low feed of just canna a and b… this ok u think or add it back in? Thanks for all the reply’s btw