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    Angels of course..
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    when did i say that the first time?
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    Holy shit !

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    You’re in good company with all the other unfuckable incels who worship Peterson

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    Conservatives say\are many things, but being 'perpetual victims' is dominantly a left-wing phenomenon.

    It's a giant competition to see who is the most oppressed\victimized, or It's like a game to see who can have the least amount of responsibility for the outcome of their life.

    Conservatives seem to think people live in a vacuum and their group identity doesn't affect how they interact within society, and people on the left seem to think their group identity is the defining factor in how everything and everyone in society interacts with them. They're both extremist views, and are lacking nuance.
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    I'm not sure about that. I think I know where you're coming from, that some people on the left, in the fringes who constantly invoke identity politics to avoid policy, they do always portray themselves as "perpetual victims". They do that to obfuscate their responsibility required in actually addressing the issue without just claiming 'racism' or 'sexism' or ... "...ism"... and dismissing it outright.. Conservatives are just as guilty when they claim victim hood over a culture war when their side makes up more than 80% of the electorate. There is no war on Christmas, and gay people aren't trying to convert Christian children..
    That is the best descriptor I have ever read/heard
    Hit me with that sweet solution next post, nuance the shit out of it!

    I like that you're thinking
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    there is no sweet solution. that way ideologues lie....

    the very best we can do is to ignore the extremists on both side and bumblefuck our way into the future

    there are ways that we are failing but overall we are all moving forwards and quite well too

    we shouldnt tear the system down and throw the baby out with the bath water because the system is what gave the baby its own bathwater in the first place

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    The system is what caused this. It's people in positions of power who want to remain in power who perpetuate it. It's money. It's people who want to keep a job. Money over human value and human worth. That's what unregulated capitalism produces.
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    I like Peterson because he promotes personal responsibility first and foremost. I like his breakdown of equality of outcome vs. equality of opportunity and his explanations of the natural differences in genders is fascinating.

    It's fun to watch him think through things on the fly. He has a voluminous knowledge that I envy and every statement is nuanced. It's almost the exact opposite of what we see in our American political system where group identity reigns supreme and you vote in line with your party. (One reason why I'm unable to affiliate with either side)

    I'm not terribly charged up about it so I'm not interested in trading ad hominems, there's enough hatred on the internet. I am interested in the discussion.
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    Yeah, you're probably right. It's pervasive regardless of 'wing'.....

    :D Glad to add to the conversation. Unfortunately, it seems like it's true....

    "You're a Black, Gay, muslim??? Oh yeah?? I'm a Latino, Non-binary, pan-sexual, with down syndrome - shut your privileged trap, you can't possibly understand my situation!"

    SUPER constructive.

    I don't see an easy solution, but it seems like it boils down to;

    People need to learn when it's OK to complain/be upset about something and when they need to shut the fuck up and deal with it because it's part of life. Conflict builds character, and doing things you don't like teaches people how to be strong both mentally and physically. That being said there should be limits to what people are willing to endure\put up with. Where those limits are seems to be a current hot topic.

    Unfortunately, we have parents and teachers teaching kids that feelings trump rationality, and as a result we have hordes of retarded kids who think having Ben Shapiro talking at a university equates to a hate crime. There is no sense of scale anymore..... just label anything you don't like as an "-ism" and act like a spoiled brat until you get your own way. Fuck other peoples rights, the most important thing are "feelings".
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    I also feel like people have little to look up to or be inspired by these days. None of our institutions are worthy of respect. The police, education, politics, corporations, banks, entertainment industry- they're all piles of shit ran by shitty people who shit on everything. Unless it's their own bullshit, in which case they eagerly cram down fist fulls and then blame everyone else when it tastes bad. It's hard to expect young people to rise above the shit when it's all they ever smelled.

    "How baffling it was that even the most cunning and clever people would frequently see only what they wanted to see, and would rarely look beyond the thinnest of facades. Or they would ignore reality, dismissing it as the facade. And then, when their whole world fell to pieces...they would tear their topknots or rend their clothes and bewail their karma, blaming gods or kami or luck or their lords or husbands or vassals--anything or anyone--but never themselves." - James Clavell
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    peterson says it should be OK to deny service to people if they are gay

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    nice rant

    do you agree with peterson's belief that women who wear makeup to work are inviting sexual harassment upon themselves?

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    what is your informed opinion on peterson's repeated assertions that we need to "defend western civilization" from "cultural marxism" with respect to the fact that these exact same conspiracy theories (which originated under hitler) are also repeated by such figures as KKK grand wizard david duke and white supremacist phillipe rushton?

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    my take is that peterson is simply rebranding and marketing old racist conspiracy theories to vulnerable and susceptible disaffected young white males to enrich himself with no regards to the consequences of his dangerous actions
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    Should people be allowed to follow their conscience in a place of business? No one wants to see businesses turning people away for race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. I don't believe he's advocating a restaurant be allowed to turn people away based on any of the criteria. Since this is topical, shouldn't a cake maker be allowed to decline a request to bake a cake for a gay wedding or Christian wedding or Muslim wedding? Can you see the difference?

    I've heard the arguments from both sides and, like the supreme court, tend to side with people's right to not violate their conscience for these types of corner cases. If I were a cake baker I'd be happy to bake cake's for most groups/ceremonies, but if it were centered on ritualized animal slaughter I'd hope the law would protect me in case I chose not to be involved.

    Do you believe people should be coerced into serving every member of the public without exception or rule?

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    he says without reservation that it should be legal to deny service to gay people. it's on tape. stop trying to deny reality. just deal with reality

    should it also be OK to deny service to black people?

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