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    Angels of course..
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    when did i say that the first time?
    Rob Roy

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    Holy shit !
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    You’re in good company with all the other unfuckable incels who worship Peterson

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    Conservatives say\are many things, but being 'perpetual victims' is dominantly a left-wing phenomenon.

    It's a giant competition to see who is the most oppressed\victimized, or It's like a game to see who can have the least amount of responsibility for the outcome of their life.

    Conservatives seem to think people live in a vacuum and their group identity doesn't affect how they interact within society, and people on the left seem to think their group identity is the defining factor in how everything and everyone in society interacts with them. They're both extremist views, and are lacking nuance.
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    I'm not sure about that. I think I know where you're coming from, that some people on the left, in the fringes who constantly invoke identity politics to avoid policy, they do always portray themselves as "perpetual victims". They do that to obfuscate their responsibility required in actually addressing the issue without just claiming 'racism' or 'sexism' or ... "...ism"... and dismissing it outright.. Conservatives are just as guilty when they claim victim hood over a culture war when their side makes up more than 80% of the electorate. There is no war on Christmas, and gay people aren't trying to convert Christian children..
    That is the best descriptor I have ever read/heard
    Hit me with that sweet solution next post, nuance the shit out of it!

    I like that you're thinking
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    there is no sweet solution. that way ideologues lie....

    the very best we can do is to ignore the extremists on both side and bumblefuck our way into the future

    there are ways that we are failing but overall we are all moving forwards and quite well too

    we shouldnt tear the system down and throw the baby out with the bath water because the system is what gave the baby its own bathwater in the first place

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    The system is what caused this. It's people in positions of power who want to remain in power who perpetuate it. It's money. It's people who want to keep a job. Money over human value and human worth. That's what unregulated capitalism produces.
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