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    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    Hello. I always heard good things about the genetics from Jordan of the islands, so I went ahead and checked out their website. It is pretty organised and clean looking. They are also from here in Canada which is a HUGE plus for me being as I prefer to shop locally whenever possible.

    I went ahead and ordered the Afghani magnum auto seeds. They advertise that you will get 12 free seeds from the breeders choice, which I know that Ill appreciate being as Ill be able to grow legally here in Canada next year! (AWESOME).

    Because of the long easter weekend, my order was delayed by a couple days, but still in a timely manner. The order was packaged fairly nice and it wasn't obvious what was in side. Not only did I get 2 extra seeds of the Afghani, but the extra seeds he sent were 14 Gods Amnesia Haze! A ton of extras. I am feeling so grateful as of right now.

    I am soaking two of the Afghani auto's right now, and will have a detailed journal as things progress.

    100% happy.
  2. So Jordans reliable? I've grown his god bud in the past outdoors it did alright. Could have went longer but frost was starting to put a damper on things.
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    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    I'd say so.
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  4. Might have to give him a go again. Thanks brother.
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    Dannabis! Active Member

    Looking to try JOTI out myself. I see some classic genes that I have been dying to get my hands on..

    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    I know. I can hardly wait to see what these afghani magnum auto plants are going to give me.
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    Thai_Lights Well-Known Member

    Just finished blueberry x God bud. Yield was quite low but had compact nugs and smelled amazing. Stem smelled like blueberry Skittles after a cure it smelled like blue cheese. I did buy the seeds at a shopnin Vancouver they could've mixed the seeds by accident....

    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    I'm extremely happy with this auto so far. It has a really strong pungent smell like the Afghani plants I seen back in the 90's. I have planted both outside, one in the ground and one in a plastic pot. The one in the pot was getting too big for where I was going to put it, so its been brought inside tho finish up. Both are showing similar traits and look nice and healthy. Here is a pic of the one I brought inside.


    GreenLegend420 Well-Known Member

    I like what i saw from his and hope to get back to his gear sometime soon. Here is his new lineup he posted on IG


    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    Two weeks later. Finally flowering.


    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    Btw, happy Canada day mother fuckas!
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    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    I just found this thread. I bought a pack of gods green crack about a year ago. I only dropped two beanz at the time but and they were both male. Nice compact plants. I'll run them again very soon.
    The freebies were interesting as well. Best mix. I have no idea what's in there but I'm sure they're good.

    MelonLemon Member

    It looks like JOTI is having a Canada Day/Summer sale too.

    MelonLemon Member

    Just got my beans, and yup, total summer sale!

    2 for 1 (regular 12 beans becomes 24+ of the same variety) I ordered Blueberry, my pack came with 25 beans
    AND 1 pack of breeder's choice (12 beans) I got White Berry OG

    that's 36+ beans,,,,for 60CDN + 5CDN shipping. (in Canada)

    I'm super happy with the speed of delivery and all the nice surprises of extras.

    So if you're looking to try JoTI, this is probably a good time to do it.
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    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I really would like to place another order here soon. I am eyeballing that Deep Purple.
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    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    She is a beast.

    Showing heavy ruderalis and sativa genes. Nice smell. Flowers beginning to show, although not fast enough for my liking. Still good though. 20170725_195928_noexif.jpg 20170725_195915_noexif.jpg
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    diamonddav Well-Known Member

    iverun some joti also! ambrosia was ok, but the gods blue cheese was awesome! nice buds and smelled great, I might try some out again here in the future! I always wondered why no one ever spoke of them?
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    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    I have smoked ambrosia before and really enjoyed it. There was a really mild taste, smoke was smooth. It wasn't terribly strong, but pleasant. I'd love to see what I could do with it, but have other projects going atm.
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    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    has anyone run Jordan of the isl's the purp? i order seeds through midweeksong and they have the purp for #13.04 per r4eg seed...
    id like to try it, but id like to hear reviews on it before paying that much for reg it really purple? so many strains claim purple colors and u pay, grow, and get green, plants or even worse u get a bit of purple but yields are crap.. ive run lots of purple strains,, the only one that was actually purple was bcsc purple#1,, problem was the buds are mostly leaf, small cayx's few hairs, nice color,smell of perfume,,but very very small yield..i have just popped 2 bcbd ultimate purple, 2 th seeds dark star, 5 white lable purple bud,10 bcbd the purps, and 8 ken's GDP... OUT OF ALL I HAVE 4 GDP, 1 dark star, 1 ultimate purple that are up and growing.. the rest either never popped or a few popped but never came up...very unhappy!!!! anyways joi the purp anyone???

    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    I have, yet to try anything other than this Afghan magnum by JOTI, but I'm definately going tho try both purple kush and deep purple for my next purchase. I'll post my results when I do.
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