Joey Weed C-99

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    yesum Well-Known Member

    Ran one plant and plan to run some more soon. Got a grapefruit pheno out of it but wanted a pineapple, no idea if that would change the high. Strong high, clean soaring effect. My internal dialogue shut down after two tokes from a chillum. Sat and read text on the computer and could function but felt a million miles away from it all.

    Good weed for depression I would say. Will take you far away. Sativa effects with no crash. I took mine with no amber resin so that helps too. imo.

    Bros Grimm has a new C-99 out but not sure if it is identical to the original. I went with Joey to insure I got the real thing as he reproduced it from the original.

    dopeonarope Well-Known Member

    I've grown a couple joey weed c99s and although not as enjoyable a smoke I reckon that the grapefruit pheno had slightly better potency than the pineapple. Havent tried out the re-release from BG but I hear it's not as good as the original
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    Mr Blamo

    Mr Blamo Well-Known Member

    I remember Joey from canabis world.
    His c99 was good back then. F2 of bro grimm.
    I grew out the real deal of c99 for a few years.
    Got tired and immune to it so moved on to stronger strains.
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