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    Hi there everyone!

    My name is Jay, and I'm in my late 30's, Cannabis has been a part of my life for over 16-17 years. I am from Northern NJ and have been patiently awaiting our new Governor and his plan to Legalize... yet I continue to cross my fingers.

    I only vape flower, Pax 2.0. I tossed out my cigs 3+ years ago and starting vaping 3mg e-juices, shortly after I just didn't have the lungs anymore and I am a light smoker so decided to just grab a small vaporizer and love it. It helps my insomnia, my Doctor wanted to prescribe be pain pills and Ambien for my anxiety without blinking his eyes and I said NO! He did not argue, I told him I am a smoker, he assisted with some Chantix, it did help, but I decided I liked vaping and do it whenever I get an "urge". I also told him I smoked cannabis, he asked why, I told him because my body hurts so damned much from 20+ years of playing competitive youth/adult ice hockey, as well as working in construction nowadays... he had no problem with it, actually silently encouraged it. Jee so if a doctor can give it an "OKAY", why can't more people just ACCEPT that it HELPS people?!

    I don't mean to rant on my first hit.... but the State of NJ obviously has a huge opiate problem, and I urge anyone with an issue to stay away from the late Chris Christie's NJ REACH "Recovery" program, as it is simply just Mental/Behavioral Health clinics tossing out Suboxone (Buprenorphine) and Methadone.. as I can personally say Suboxone has saved several lives of friends of mine, yet it is just ANOTHER chemical dependency/addiction... NJ Reach is NOT RECOVERY... Christie has no idea what Recovery is, maybe HE should spend 45-60 days down in Florida and LEARN... but he is gone, and welcome our new Governor Murphy who hopefully passes the Legalization Bill!

    As for another issue plaguing our state, my employer as well as several others are now "randomly" drug testing individuals, trying to do so prior to the passing of the law (if/when it happens) for "insurance purposes", my company does NOT have a drug policy, in fact, I've worked there for 4+ years and until this year was NEVER asked to take a drug test until about a week ago when a manager text messaged me on my ride home with a "warning" that the "pee pee test" was scheduled for the end of the month (February), I immediately confronted my BOSS, and said WTF!? And he was stunned, his only excuse was that it's for "insurance purposes" for when we do "out of state work"... Okay, I kind of understand that, possible DOT standards? But we were NEVER made aware of this, none of us EVER signed a drug policy, so I said I would not take the test unless he showed me some paperwork, he did not. He threatened to cut me down to part time, or put me off the books with the 30+ undocumented illegal immigrants we have working with us... which would mean I would be looking at like a 30-40% pay decrease.. WTF!?

    We've known each other for years, we've actually literally smoked pot together after nights at the bar with the crew. I said "DUDE you can't be serious LOL!" and he stood his ground, and said if I "need more time we'll reschedule", I said "Yeah let's do that, but I'd like to see our drug policy..." and he once again hid behind the "Well we need it for insurance purposes" then went on about how I was one of his best employees, and have so much potential, so take my time, he would get it rescheduled.

    LOL we are on the brink of being a LEGAL state, I am tired of hearing about employers as well as doctors who prescribe anxiety and other medicines starting to hide behind the "Federal weighs more" nonsense. How illegal is this? Should I just eat it and go clean for a few weeks, give them a squirt, or possibly fight it... it seems silly to fight... but this is ridiculous, we have kids in the office on all types of drugs, heck even selling them to half our employees.. and I'm not just talking marijuana, I'm talking hard stuff... but sure, that's fine, because those substances can detox quicker.... sigh when will people just learn...

    Well Jay from Jersey unfortunately not being able to take his 2-3 vape hits and go to sleep, hopefully my eyes can close and I can get some rest.... if anyone happens to know of any NJ Work/Labor Laws I could gladly print out and show my employer I am all ears/eyes... as for now, IN MURPHY WE TRUST!
  2. he's right about insurance and he's not going to cave cause u don't dig it. ironically he can still smoke pot if he's the owner. only employees that do actual work have to be certified clean.
    a security company i was going to work for years ago had to go that route even though he was paying under the table. which btw is actually legal in all 50 states.

    90 days to get clean for real. less than that and u might get snagged with that faulty
    cheap piss test . u can protest it but then they'll liable to give you a real test and then you might not like the resuts

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    Things have been arranged with them... they are actually really cool and kind of gave the "we want to franchise" you speech and said take as much time as you need, you just need to pass once for "insurance reasons". When asked what Insurance.. it was in regards to the "Prevailing Wage" Jobs offered which pay roughly $90 an hour for our profession that some companies as well as the government pay. Honestly nobody cares about marijuana, a lot of company's do not. I used to be able to whiz clean after 24 days when I was like 25 (10 years ago).. I was also 30lbs lighter.

    The good thing is, spoke with the Boss/HR Guy and they rescheduled for sometime in March or April... this is all so it's a 1x thing, then start to receive health insurance and a small raise, plus be eligible for a lot of these prevailing whatevers... basically being contracted out to the government or whomever. I thought it was more of a DOT thing because we have a lot of larger service trucks, and they need to "prove" to the government, insurance companies (whoever they are) that our staff is safe and clean.... although half of them are either alcoholics and crackheads in truth... so it's a dilemma we shall never PREVAIL in... because 50% of the staff smokes pot, someone sells it out of the office knowingly, which is kind of ludicrous as the whole office and shop staff know him.

    So at least 50-60 days now, I HIGHLY doubt that anyone even the most obese person would need more than 90 days, as long as abstinence going on 4+ days now atm, stay away from it for 30+ days, all will be fine. Heck, we've all been in the same boat having to pass for other jobs in the past... I agree now upon NOT even think about the synthetic urine, quick cleansers, just abstain for 30+ days, hit the gym 2-3x a week until then, not fat, but tad muscly... and pretty damned healthy and a VERY fast metabolism despite being 5'11" and 215lbs.

    And this is a "real" drug test, at a LabCorp or Star Lab or one of those piss pot places and have a professional pisser technician empty his pockets, do a 5-panel.. maybe more nowadays I don't know, and they'll check the temperature and do their thing... because they are paid to handle urine for a living... good thing is, we don't have that job!

    All will be fine after 30 days, and they said they'll give as much time as needed, has family in the company, has a clean record, perfect drivers record, Bachelors in something regarding the industry or similar, so as much as it sucks that people can snort their drugs and shoot them up all around us while a pothead can't even smoke pot (or vape .3mg a night as did).. being paid far above 90% of the clowns that work at this place and we've spun this into a positive. The guy in HR even said that it's not a problem, just tighten up for a bit, it's not because of anything personally done or displayed.. as some thought it was personal, it's just being new there, they need to document as "clean", blah blah, but being offered more time and a chance at a raise and some benefits so may as well, right?

    What's funny is our company has 2 or 3 divisions, one that pays under the table to the illegals, 1 that is very small, offers no health insurance or long term benefits (but pays well), and the main division which is the 1 being discussed... and that I'm technically already part of and have been for 3+ months, and make more $$ than either of the other 2 divisions already, and only been there roughly 90 days.

    The company is just sloppy, forgetful, and unethical... kind of like our government. They apologized and said they should have mentioned something as soon as they offered the job, and I never applied or really asked for this job, was just offered it out of the blue, and it paid close to 2x as much as his my old one... so yeah bailed 2 other jobs, burning bridges badly, but for a great opportunity. So nobody wants to see anyone suffer from this.. and staying away from marijuana as upsetting as it is lol, is not a problem when looking at the big picture.

    90 days? LOL, no offense, but I've personally passed drug screens in both labs and in court in less than 30 days for THC... I have no idea where people get numbers like 90 days from ROFL.

    Someone close to us is in law enforcement, works as a State Corrections Officer, and they all smoke like chimneys (or drink).. their wives also all cheat on them, have left them, or they beat the crap out of them on a nightly basis so they are no better than the animals in the cages they babysit, they get a 30+ days heads up from their superiors, and he's been sent to labs and never failed, just man up and do what you have to.. pot isn't a chemical dependency, it's not like opiates or benzo's where you literally can not live without them... although you could, but very uncomfortably, and then just become a danger to everyone around you. If someone who works for the government and is sent to state monitored labs can pass a test in 30'sh days. In fact, our company has had people fail, they don't even get suspended, they get put in the 3rd crappy division where they make nothing with the illegals, and aren't really offered anything... how fair isn't it... heck may as well steal a few SSN's, go drive down to Maryland, get a fake ID, and come back up to NJ if you want a job after you hop the boarder..... because NJ LOVES ILLEGALS!

    But point being, if our own law enforcement officer's of our great state can pass tests, and a lot of them use fake urine and nonsense, I don't really see a problem, but I do agree and prefer going the smarter route, abstaining, and just deal with it for a few weeks. Our new Governor is probably going to legalize as soon as April, that's when the real fun (problems) will start as everyone and their mother will be trying pot, whether flower, edible, and god knows whatever else they make... I personally prefer flower vaped, I do not trust those cartridges or any of that fancy nonsense nowadays. I don't think it will even take 30 days but they said take as much time as needed and they'll reschedule.. ask they went and asked another employee the same day if he could go, a man in his 60's, who said "crap.. I need some time" himself so LOL. They seem to pick on the better employees which is odd, probably because their thought process is that these guys must be clean.. they show up for work everyday, are great at their jobs, and the generally like to pick on the older guys that don't even go out and do service work.... so who really knows anything. What we do know, is that this is NOT the Ronald Reagan Era, marijuana is harmless as long as it is not abused like alcohol, and still, 100x safer.

    After working in a liquor store/bar for 4+ years I watched several of our customers go in and out of hospitals for alcohol related issues, witnessed 4-5 lives die... not kidding, 1 drunk driver who almost killed someone, lost his own life in the process, and we had to call the police all the time for individuals urinating on our property which was a part of a very busy road in our city. This country is backwards as hell, can we all agree on that? I've seen marijuana help people get off opiates, it wasn't a fun process to watch, but it got them off the dope... sadly I've lost 3 of my friends, 1 of my best friends to street dope and other hard stuff.. all because they refused to smoke because their jobs tested... I'm not saying it's "their fault", I will not play into that.. it's this country, especially this state, just test people, fine, if marijuana pops up flag them, but don't cut them off, just watch them closely if you must... thanks Nancy Reagan... thanks a lot.
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  4. not trying to convince you on 90 days being the max it takes to get clean. yes folks can be clean prior to that but if your job depends on it and u have options. it would be stupid to take a test sooner if u don't have too is all i'm saying. btw not my info and it's been available for many years now online. so if you follow it or not doesn't hurt my feelings.

    personally in the past some coworkers knew what i did while most did not. Now days were i working i wouldn't tell a soul jack shit about anything i did or didn't do off the job. too many snitches and assholes willing to throw you under the boss over petty shit you might not even be aware of . i don't work so it don;t matter to me now. take care and i wish u well.

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    Thanks, hehe. I was made aware of the "policy" by my boss/manager.. it is due to "insurance" reasons, when I asked what does that mean it is in regards to some sites that we visit as we are service technicians and we are in the tri-state area and perform work on some government/federal sites. I completely understood, we have also had several of our tech's crash their vehicles in the past, and every once in awhile they need to send in samples from the lab to the "insurance people".

    I didn't mean to disagree or sound harsh I apologize, it was a very frustrating day. As for my job it is nowhere near in jeopardy, roughly 75% of our staff is on something, and not just green.. which is sad because a lot of scumbags ruin a lot of contracts and work for the rest of us... and put us in these positions. I have a feeling they are trying to get as many of us tested before NJ legalizes, which is hopefully before April or May because then all hell is going to hit the fan.

    Basically 50% of our technicians smoke pot, and they are probably the BEST employees we have... the mangers/owner are aware of who is who, they know the common crackhead F up's are not the same as the common pothead, they do not judge, they give everyone extra time just for this insurance nonsense, but obviously if you take advantage of them (if they give you 30+ days and then say you still cannot go.. yeah you are going to probably get your hours cut or fired.. deserving IMO considering they are very lenient).

    I completely agree with keeping quiet about it, yep everywhere has little snitches, our company is rather large and it's a lot like a high school where word can spread fast about anyone.. I watched out resident crackhead back his truck into a poll 2 days ago... he's failed several drug tests and his work is limited. All our vehicles have GPS trackers and they've caught him in the bad parts of bad neighborhoods... I believe they even put a spy cam in his vehicle and still have caught him smoking and doing nonsense... yet somehow this moron still has a job...

    It's just frustrating and upsetting, I haven't burned/vaped since my post, I take my job serious, I was given "extra time", the HR people are pretty cool and like me, and I am not going to take advantage of them. It's more upsetting knowing that we have idiots that ride around with vape pens while working. I am a firm believer of NEVER mixing work with pleasure, unlike some I can wait until I get home to vape my 1/4th gram... I do not burn much, maybe a little on the weekends... I am basically just proving to them that marijuana is not an addictive substance, they asked me if I needed "help" or "time off" I said absolutely not, and will never miss work. What is more upsetting is we have employees that are completely sober and those are the "snitches" and scum that you absolutely do not talk to about anything regarding your personal life, not even things like your girlfriend or if you need a day off or to get out of work early because of something because they will go cry to the managers... yet they cry about everything, barely get any work done, potheads run circles around them and they are just jealous bitter individuals.

    I apologize for the post if it sounds lame and repetitive, but it's a shame that the federal government and company's have to do this to hard working individuals, I told them you could take me to a lab randomly at anytime, I don't do drugs (I do not consider marijuana a drug.. sorry if people disagree). I left it at that basically not saying anything else. Obviously they know about marijuana, and would rather keep their potheads on staff than have to deal with dope/crackeads that can pass a drug test in 3-5 days notice, so they aren't picking on me or anyone, they are just looking out for us.. It is a very nice company to work, just sucks as I'll say again that the insurance nonsense I believe has something to do with DOT.. and that's thanks to the few bad apples who have cause accidents in the past.. unfortunately they never fire anyone. I've been to detox/rehab for "hard" stuff, I've had my issues, but marijuana is not one of them.. and I prove to them everyday I go in that I am a hard worker, committed, honest, and will do whatever they want to keep my job... I was actually offered a raise and benefits once I pass... so being a grown man, I can man up for a couple weeks, do as they asked... and maybe in time I won't even want to burn until it's legal. Like I said, once it becomes legalized in NJ they will have a whole new world of hurt to deal with, so they are trying to get as much of it out of the way early.

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    Grew up and lived in central jersey. Miss the food, that's about it. Try melatonin for sleep. Helps me greatly.
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    i'm not too far from philly, and my gf lives in maine, and would love me to move up there, but man, the food up there, aside from the seafood obviously, is straight ass, lol.. can't find a good pizza or a hoagie or cheese steak to save your life.. i would surely miss the food if i were to make the move.
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    and welcome to riu jay
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    Thanks guys... yeah we do have some good food... mostly Italian, Chinese, etc... oh lets not forget the barbers, the stereotypes are true lol.

    I have family in Southern Jersey AKA PA/Delaware/Maryland as we call it. I've been to over 20 states, our pizza is great.. It took us some time while traveling for work to find decent pizza in Kentucky, TX, parts of Ohio, but damn the seafood was amazing in Maryland and TX (Galveston Island/Texas City)... and the BBQ hands down kills ours! Florida pizza was the worst, I've been to FLA so many times I never want to return... just tired of it, loved it when I was younger, but omg as much as our Winters suck.. how can Floridians deal with 90 degree weather by 8am with humidity that has you sweating on your daily commute, thank heaven for AC.

    Thanks for the welcomes... as for everywhere besides North/Central NJ.. it all looks the same, just like South Jersey, which is not a knock, it's beautiful compared to up here in my part of the woods! I am grateful to live in a very nice suburban town, unfortunately we have to pay roughly $30k yearly in property taxes... and in South Jersey (mostly Cumberland County) we have family paying no more than $10K yearly and have 2+ acres compared to our 1,700 square lot lol...
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    Try some Portuguese next time your at the rock for a devils game. :hump:
    Yeah my moms taxes are driving her out of the state this year. On to Pennsyltucky for her.

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    I used to love going to the Portuguese Festival in Newark every spring, such a blast! Until they kept cutting it shorter and shorter due to all the damned local kids starting fights and the police just getting tired of it.. such a shame.

    As for The Rock, huge Devils fan here and as beautiful as the new arena is, I really cannot stand going to Newark... and I am a HUGE Devils fan... as I started playing youth hockey at the age of 4, up until College where I played a year of Juniors, but due to injuries just couldn't continue competitively and played some men's leagues.. but now with work it's tough surviving those 1030pm games and getting off the ice around midnight and home around 1am with work at 7-8am everyday. I miss going to the festival, the castle or whatever it was called was awesome, the Sangria was great and I am not even a big drinker, and I loved all the beautiful girls that would gladly dance with you and have fun with everyone.

    Oh man, don't get me started on those Portuguese girls... so beautiful. Hands down the most beautiful girl I know and am still friends with (yeah friends.. sad), at the ripe age of 34 has only grown more beautiful and lovely as she's aged, and I've known her since I was 7 years old as we were neighbors... her boyfriend has no idea how lucky he is.... unfortunately for all of us single nerds she was one of them girls that just had to date the older boys once we got into high school lol... damn... regardless, fun times!

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