Israel plans to become the world's 3rd biggest cannabis exporter

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    BOL is about to open the world's largest medical marijuana factory in central Israel

    Israel is set to become the world’s third biggest exporter of medical cannabis,

    as the global market is set to reach $33 billion in the next seven years.

    Its government has estimated sales abroad would rake in $1.1 billion a year

    for the Middle Eastern country.

    Bio-tech companies based there are preparing to expand production of the drug

    to meet rising global consumer demand.

    One is Breath of Life Pharma (BOL), which is about to open the world's

    largest medical marijuana grow-house and research centre in central Israel.

    The one-million-square-foot facility will allow the firm to store enough medical cannabis

    to supply the entire US, according to its chief executive Dr Tamir Gedo.

    He estimates that BOL will produce 80 tons – more than 175,000 pounds

    – per year, according to a news statement on its website.

    Hundreds of unique strains of plants are monitored around the clock in computer-controlled,
    camera-patrolled, password-secured greenhouses

    It comes after the Israel's government gave the go-ahead in February

    to legislation permitting export of the drug.

    Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel has previously said that by next year the country

    will join the Netherlands and Canada as global cannabis suppliers.

    BOL is not alone in its ambitions – it is one of eight licensed firms seeking

    to position Israel as a global hub for medical cannabis research.

    Global leader in research

    Israel was among the first countries to legalise medical marijuana,

    although it remains illegal for recreational use.

    It is one of just three,

    along with Canada and the Netherlands, to have a government-sponsored cannabis program.

    Israel is already a global leader in research and development into the drug for medical use.

    The Ministry of Health has approved 150 research proposals,

    35 of them clinical trials. More than 50 US companies are doing medical marijuana research in the country.
    An employee inspects growing cannabis plants in a greenhouse operated by BOL
    – growing cannabis for medical use demands careful supervision of active ingredients

    Trials are currently underway at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center to test the

    effects of cannabinoids on 120 autistic children and young adults, the first of its kind worldwide.

    Earlier this month, it was announced Hebrew University will investigate the benefits

    of non-psychoactive cannabis components for treating asthma and other respiratory conditions.

    There are about 140 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, with THC (the psychoactive component)

    and CBD, which has anti-inflammatory properties, of most interest to researchers.

    CBD is the focus of much of Israel’s flourishing medical cannabis research on diabetes,

    heart disease, autism, fracture healing and inflammatory bowel disease.

    The Israelis have also been investigating the drug's ability to treat epilepsy, post-traumatic stress,

    cancer tumours, the side effects of chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis,

    Parkinson's and Tourette's syndrome, among others.

    'The Ministry of Health in Israel has channelled a lot of energy here in order to examine all the evidence based

    medicine, and is willing to take that approach,' Dr Gedo told The Times of India.

    'Other ministries of health around the world are hesitant.'

    An Israeli employee prepares marijuana at a BOL centre, the country's second-largest
    medical cannabis plantation, near Kfar Pines in northern Israel

    BOL's new centre has a 35,000-square-foot plant, an 8,000-square-foot storage room,

    30,000 square feet of grow rooms and labs, and a million square feet of cultivation fields.

    With its moat, wall, barbed wire, armed guards and security cameras, the facility could

    be mistaken for a military base if it weren't for the pungent odour of marijuana in the air.

    Like newborns in an incubator, hundreds of unique strains of plants will be monitored

    around the clock in computer-controlled, camera-patrolled, password-secured greenhouses.

    Here the firm is able to break down the cannabis plant to extract different chemical

    compounds, called cannabinoids, for use in research and medicine.

    There are about 140 of these, the most well-known ingredients are

    cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

    There are few facilities that can carry out the extraction process worldwide,

    Dr Gedo said, and most can only do it on a small scale.

    BOL is hoping to capitalise on the growing global demand for medical marijuana


    Medical marijuana, while still controversial, has garnered increasing support in the medical community.

    But biotechs will be held back from fully capitalising on the global demand,

    given that the drug is still illegal in most countries.

    There are currently just 29 that recognise some form of medical cannabis.

    In the US, the use, possession, sale, cultivation, and transportation of marijuana is illegal

    under federal law. However 29 states, have legalised some form of medical use and allow

    doctors to prescribe the drug to patients.

    BOL plans to apply for 'investigative new drug' status from the Food and Drug Administration

    (FDA) next year. Such approval would open up a huge market.

    Research suggests that CBD may be helpful for health issues, but it doesn't cause you to get high

    However, earlier this month, the FDA cracked down on marijuana products marketed as cancer cure.

    The agency has sent a letter to four companies, slamming their claims that patients can treat

    life-threatening tumours – and even prevent Alzheimer's – by using cannabis oils and creams.

    In the UK, cannabis is still illegal in the UK, but its drug's watchdog, the Medicines and

    Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), last year ruled CBD should be classed as medicine.

    It had looked at the ingredient because a number of manufacturing companies

    had been making 'overt medicinal claims' about products.

    Now products used for medical purposes that contain CBD must be licensed before

    they can legally be supplied in the UK.

    Meanwhile, medical marijuana producers and pharma companies are attempting to stay ahead

    of the game and make their mark overseas by scrambling to form collaborations and lobbying governments.

    Authorities are 'too slow'

    However, drug firms hoping to break into markets say cautious authorities

    in the US and Britain are too slow to act.

    Israel-based pharma company iCAN held CannaTechUK, the UK's first ever cannabis

    medical conference, in London last month, in a bid spark further interest and debate around the issue.

    Founder Saul Kaye told Mail Online: 'Much of the US and especially the UK are woefully

    behind the curve in helping patients who could greatly benefit from using cannabis based products for

    numerous ailments such seizure disorders, MS, PTSD, chronic pain, Parkinson’s, crohn’s disease,

    and to mitigate the effects of nausea from chemotherapy.

    'Israel is a place where the science of cannabis is forward looking not looked down upon.

    'Israel’s Ministry of Health has approved well over 100 research proposals

    and has tens of clinical trials now happening.

    'More than 50 US companies are doing medical cannabis research in Israel because

    they simply can’t do them in the US but they do not want to miss out

    in the incredible financial opportunities that await in this burgeoning industry.'

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    if they need any more land..?

    well.. they can just grab it from the neighbors..?
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    greg nr

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    kosher cannabis for passover........

    Land isn't a big issue in israel, just in certain parts. ;) Water, however, is.
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    I have to admit I do love the Alaska srain from tikun-olam
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    Water was the first thing I was wondering about when I saw this. I guess though they are probably using some water conservation techniques seeing all the other farming that is done there.
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    I just don't like it.
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    They are very good at that..Not much left to take though.
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    yes and the "neighbours" have done so much to advance cannabis research....or for that matter anything to help mankind..

    nah they are into fgm and suppression of woman every where....instead
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    Gives new meaning to Kosher Kush.
    Lucky Luke

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    So that's the Israelis excuse for the crimes against humanity they commit or just yours?
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    cannot believe this:bigjoint::bigjoint:

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    Not a lot of people know that the Israelis are at the forefront of research into medical uses, especially CBD. IIRC they're busy doing trials for use of CBD in the treatment of diabetes as CBD not only lowers blood sugar but also cuts the inflammation of blood vessels which is also believed to be a factor in, at least, Type 2 so can be useful in the control of diabetes..

    But, of course, this gets kept out of the press because it destroys the "Drugs are bad, m'kay" argument and brainwashing that has pervaded in various nations for several decades and we can't have politicians admitting they are liars, can we.
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    Well, seems the world dominating Israeli plans were subject to the whims of da Donald. Why'd he kill their plans for billions in medical exports?
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    Meh, they'll make enough out of the EU

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    ....the packaging would do the marketing itself
    mista sativa

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    Supposedly Poppa Trump told Netanyahu to nip this in the bud. Apparently now they are holding off on any plans to export cannabis.
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    gotta link...?

    even pics...?
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    I get the aversion towards middlie eastern ideologies on women's rights.

    BUT, the Arabs have the advantage of historical accounts and traditions developed through learning from other cultures of the past. They learned alot from Ancient Rome, where the rise of women's rights in some ways led to the downfall of the political system and the traditional family.

    It is very well documented and alot of "Anti-West/Democratic" cultures are look to history and the present as proof.
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    I believe I seen it on a Vice news segment... that’s a old post so I don’t really remember where I came across that, but I do remember it was around the time the Trump administration declared Jerusalem, Israel’s capital... I don’t have personal pictures of Trump and Netanyahu, sorry bro. Would it really be that surprising? The US has been forcing cannabis prohibition on the world for almost a century. For whatever reason these cocksuckers still don’t want to give up despite public opinion.
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