ISO EXTRACT METHOD - Reclaims solvent and best flavor around

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    Exactly, perfect for retrieving the product. Good luck getting shatter out of a flask or finding a syringe that reaches well enough to suck up heated version, learned the hard way a long time ago when I got to my 1st successful runs using lab gear (its so sad to have to make it edible oil right outta the gate :( just to retrieve out of a flask ). Think of the reaction vessel hooked up as a vac distill as a 'pimped out' version of a Vacuum/Degassing Chamber, that can do so much more!
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    Lorenz d'arabia

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    The final product can be assumed under the tongue? I'm really new about the world of concentrates and I don't know the difference between all these types. I'm an huge fan of cannabis oil, it's similar?

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    You definitely could, however i would use this to make something for dabbing or for a vape cartridge. For under the tongue, i would use the remaining material after this process is run in a soxhlet extractor or search RSO - Rick Simpson Oil and make a remaining extract for edible use. Cheers and best of luck in your exploration of extracts!
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    Very nice.

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