Is this plant a hermie? Help.

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    namik Member

    20181208_231017.jpg 20181208_230855.jpg 20181208_033623.jpg Im about 3 weeks in flower and I think I have spotted a hermie.. Need help identifying please. Pictures attached.
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    Hydrotech364 Classified

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    Zephyrs Well-Known Member

    It sure looks like a ball sack too me.

    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    Def is

    namik Member

    Yeah i thought so... what do you guys suggest cut it down? Or pluck and keep an eye on it?

    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    Pluck if ya need the smoke .
    Let him/her go and collect the fem seeds.
    If your worried about seed ...cut it throat now .
    It also could be hermie due too ferts pr stress it may not behave this way later .
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    Master_Tabi Well-Known Member

    nuts, if i where you I'd not save pollen or seeds from this one as it'll stay in the more possibilities of hermi in the long run. GL
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    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    What strain ?

    namik Member

    Yeah im not looking yo make seed anyway so im probably going yo watch it for a bit and if it keeps throwing balls i will cut it down.
    Og Kush reg seeds from humboldt I have been going over the rest and they seem hermie free so far.
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    namik Member

    If anything I believe its under fed, can that also cause hermies?

    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    Never see that before but any stress is stress .
    Hmm reg seeds hermie not great .

    NGA Well-Known Member

    It's crazy how many hermie plants I see on these sites I been growin for 30 years plus & know many growers personally and never seen a hermie in person,and believe me when I say never seen stress do this ,and I'm talking 1000 s of crops, it's starting to look like a lot of seed banks are havin this trait not good
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    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    When growing and testing seeds it's a crap shoot for sure .
    Even DJ shorts bb was a shit show.
    Dud males finicky fems .
    But as I said hermie in reg seeds not good .
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    Smithy1 Well-Known Member

    3rd pic i can see a ball sack, 2 options cut them off and see what happens or let it run and smoke the bud.

    lglbgl Active Member

    I had a plant that developed balls a few years back,that i caused some stress with, i sprayed it with a product called optic foliar switch & transport guessing it was around 30. bucks & within 3 days all the balls turned yellow and would fall off at the touch,it truly
    saved the plant & it did not grow any back smoke turned out OK.prefer of course not to use anything but in a pinch it worked for me.
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    xtsho Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't spray that on anything I was going to be smoking. Couldn't get it anyway as it's banned in Oregon and Washington state. I can't believe what some in the cannabis industry are putting in their products without telling the consumer. Proprietary blend means crap that's banned in many places.

    ODA Pesticide Annuncement: The Oregon Department of Agriculture has issued 12 notices of statewide detainment and stop sale and removal orders for horticultural products that contain pesticide active ingredients not listed on the label. The orders call for the product manufacturers to immediately cease all sales, offers of sale, or other distribution in Oregon.

    Optic Foliar ATAK, Optic Foliar Overgrow, Optic Foliar Switch– Tulsi Enterprises Ltd., Surrey, BC

    Pesticide Advisory Alert – Tulsi Enterprises Ltd.’s Optic Foliar AT-AK product containing salicylic acid, Optic Foliar Overgro product containing salicylic acid and 3-indoleacetic acid, and Optic Foliar Switch product containing ethephon

    is corrosive in acute dermal irritation studies using rabbits, has the potential to cause eye irritation, and has been placed in Toxicity Category I (the highest of four categories) for these effects. It is moderately acutely toxic by the oral, dermal and inhalation routes (Toxicity Category III)

    Human poisoning incidents involving ethephon include four cases of skin injury (irritation) in California as a result of exposure to field residues, one possible systemic poisoning case, and 29 telephone calls to the National Pesticides Telecommunications Network reporting eye and skin irritation from misuse of ethephon, sometimes in combination with other pesticides.
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    althor Well-Known Member

    If you are growing it for personal smoke, pull them off and keep on going. No big deal.
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    lglbgl Active Member

    i used it probably 6 yrs ago and haven't had to since thank god, all of that may have surfaced there after?
    idk,but i think its complete bullshit that co,s get away with causing possible harm & then its found out later
    and discontinued,i know i just seen it at a local shop here in mich,maybe now things went recreational here there will be more awareness,maybe ?
    never the less thanks for the info & good luck.
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