is this a gnat

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    Terry385 Well-Known Member

    eaten my roots in dwc using h202 and sm90 S20180224_0002.jpg

    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    Looks like it could be a root aphid.[​IMG]
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    Terry385 Well-Known Member

    I look up root aphid
    "I filled a 5 gallon bucket with soapy water and a teaspoon of rosemary oil, mixed it up with a whisk (it's the best way, otherwise you splash everywhere). Then I took the plant, removed the air line and air stone, and dropped it in the soapy/rosemary water. It is VERY important that this soapy water is NOT aerated. The point is to suffocate the bugs. The soapy water needs to be above the hydroton, the hydroton should be floating. " IMG_20180224_103651432.jpg

    Terry385 Well-Known Member

    and it's not 2 plants,, I started from seed came up as twins Mozart white rhino female

    Terry385 Well-Known Member

    plant be safe got rid of all plants in veg tent

    kingtitan Well-Known Member

    The pic of the aphid, where is that on your plant you took?
    Did your plant die because of root damage? how bad was it? or did the plant die due to the soap mixture? were you able to get rid of the pests?

    Zero_OS Well-Known Member

    for next time, genegreen on has a youtube vid on how he got rid of root aphids (i think he referred to them as "little f*ckers")...I believe he used a different formula but basically did a root dip.

    When he showed a close-up, it was a little green larvae thing in the nooks and crannies of the root wings as far as I could tell.
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    Terry385 Well-Known Member

    seen inside bucket walls little white dots...bigger ones coming out of net pot, roots where gone at stem soap was a real mess did not see any after.. plant was dead next day in other buckets checked seen 1000's of them little fuckers in net pots got rid of every thing net pots buckets air stones starting over had cuttings in cloner only have one alive in flower it has them also not to bad 4 weeks in, plant still drinking and leaves are staying green in scrog 4x4 not much I can do hope she makes it IMG_20180305_174739936.jpg

    Terry385 Well-Known Member

    update cutting rooted and planted in Dwc buckets hopefully bug free

    IMG_20180308_163751449.jpg IMG_20180309_195320264_HDR.jpg

    Terry385 Well-Known Member

    just a update bug free one plant 2 weeks one 1 week one just put in flower 3 other ones still growing in veg
    IMG_20180411_190525713.jpg IMG_20180411_190535274.jpg IMG_20180411_190547224.jpg
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