Is there an angry mod that is banning people all day or what?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by greasemonkeymann, Jan 15, 2016.


    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    Keep hearing about all these bans...
    Somebody have their angry pants on?
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    im curious as to why is it automatically an "angry" mod when users are banned?
    users arent just banned willy nilly its a build up of constantly being told to stop doing shit and than they dont stop and than they consistently break rules over and over again
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    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member

    I think I swore one too many times. I've been banned
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    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    Andbody want to tell me who has been banned. I know about pinny.

    Is my signature ok? Or do I need to fear?
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    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    Wasn't an accusation at all.
    there was a question mark at the end, cuz it was a question.
    Just seems like a lot.
    No need to get agitated towards me.
    I'm a model citizen

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    I am not agitated i was genuinely curious .... this is just not the first time users have assumed the mod staff of being wrong or angry and wrongfully banning members or whatever you wanna call it

    we ban lots of people all the time , on a daily basis here
    the user base just doesn't notice.
    when tnt members get banned theres always a big huff about it.

    it comes down to that members are typically unaware to what the mod staff has been dealing with, with said particular user.
    we dont just ban, a user is typically banned after numerous warnings to stop, pm's to stop , and attempts to get them back on track.
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    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    Ahh, well there we are.
    I was just curious as well, as there were lots of mumbling going on.
    that's all.
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    hondagrower420 Well-Known Member

    I think that shit it stupid. Don't break rules. I see a lot of bogus shit on this site. But there are also a lot of great members.

    The staff is very cool here.

    I have never even got a warning and I have been in a couple of the shenanigans. I have called ppl names and they staff just deletes the post.

    I also notice that only specific post that breaks rules are deleted.

    Tnt is pretty open. You can't go ruining a grow journal but who the fuck cares about tnt? Not me. I only come in here when I'm stoned or smoking. This shit is hilarious when you're high.
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    ZaraBeth420 Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know if Yessica has been banned?

    see4 Well-Known Member

    These are not the mods you're looking for.


    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    No matter what happens around here it's always sunni's fault.. Lol

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    always without fail my fault.

    i got blammed for banning uhm... whats his face ..i cant remeber
    dyan ryder thats it

    and i was off getting married and i hadnt logged in in over 3 weeks as i was doing marriage + honeymoon
    Oregon Gardener

    Oregon Gardener Well-Known Member

    Well I guess I't my turn now as you have admonished me twice now In public, I would have responded in the appropriate thread, but you OPed It? when a more mature way to handle such a situation could be handled in a P.M. So I guess this will be strike three. That fact that you are metaphorically speaking, the "Bose's daughter" or maybe you are the Bose's daughter, is not lost on me. I don't care. Regardless I would say this in front of your dad. "I really don't appreciate your tone young lady" That was a harmless conversation between two extremely intoxicated individuals and we weren't bothering anybody.( no nudity) Besides, you should read this before you post. I'm not going to say that I will be happy to advertise ( when the time comes) somewhere else because I like this forum. But....... Thanks Anyway.
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    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member

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    ZaraBeth420 Well-Known Member

    Incoming shitstorm.
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    im sorry ? i havent the faintest clue what you are speaking about ?
    what thread?

    are you speaking about justughs thread? he asked for it to be closed, thats why i said closed as per OP's request
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    6ohMax Well-Known Member

    I'm lost in the sauce
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    always without fail, these threads ALWAYS become a mod bashing .
    i havent a damn clue what that guy is going on about though im curious now, hopefully it can be resolved
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    ZaraBeth420 Well-Known Member

    He seemed to just be rambling on going nowhere, just fussing.

    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    Well on that note NB4

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