Is t5 light eough to...

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    ...crank out some good seed if i just pollinate the tops nearest the light?
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    Why pollinate the tops where the best buds are? Pollinate some lower buds and keep the colas for toking. Seeds don't need direct light to ripen. Put a bag over the tops and dust some lower buds, let sit for overnight then spray water all over everything to deactivate any stray pollen then take the bag off and get the plants under the light to finish flowering.

    If the seeds aren't ripe when the rest of the plant is then harvest the virgin bud and leave the plant under the lights to finish up the seeds and harvest the last buds when they are ripe.

    Make sure to take any plants you want to pollinate out of the grow room to do the deed so stray pollen doesn't blow around in the flowering space unless you don't mind stray seeds in other buds.

    I've done this many times in the last 17 years.

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    Thanks for the tips.
    I have a crop of 8 going in my main space. So i dont need to be too careful polinating this one white russian i have going in my propogation space, soley for a seed run. But i was hoping to have the tops on that for smoking... just want to be sure i get good seed because this strain hase been dynamite for me and i have only 5 or so seeds of it left.
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