Is she ready ?

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    353E1FB1-E062-4670-9DA8-1D1BFF6AED40.jpeg 94A04232-A6E8-448E-9CF6-1F09F4CDE65A.jpeg C583AECF-3D81-4DBF-90EE-8E370A51B269.jpeg 458BC2FD-2007-4CF0-A81B-3D27A128E6A2.jpeg 3FCA1E7A-8D19-49BE-9AFA-1C1179165D4B.jpeg 353E1FB1-E062-4670-9DA8-1D1BFF6AED40.jpeg hey guys I need some help to see if my girl is ready? I have done maybe a hand full grows only 2-3 pants at a time for personal use. I always seem to chop early or late. I’m trying to get this one right this time.

    She is an auto fast bud Girl Scout cookie at day 60.

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    Ummmm you got a pic of the full plant? It looks sickly.

    oblivious21 Active Member

    I’ll have to get some tomorrow. Yea I noticed the leaves are yellowing with the brown spots like the one pic. Started happening in the last week or so. I figured she’s almost done and hoping I can just push her till the end since she’s an auto

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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Definitely not ready.....GL
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    oblivious21 Active Member

    D93EF95E-5F22-443B-A3FE-F8C2683CB2D5.jpeg 031B9E32-6C0F-46DA-A7AB-1B1C16800DE4.jpeg 37445D83-8E8A-4BFF-A14F-7A388FA31071.jpeg
    I attached a few pics of the whole plant. Now that you mentioned that she does look sick. I’ll give some background. I’m using 5gallon pots with a mix of FFOF and FFHF. I’m using no nutrients. My thought here was the pot is big and I’m using good dirt as well as growing an auto. I was trying to make it easy on my self as far as plant a seen and let it grow. I’m using 400w lights. I can say she was struggling from the beginning but I just let her do her thing.

    I really only grow 2-3 autos a year for Personal use and don’t really have any equipment to check levels of things :/

    From the little I know it may be low magnesium? Is she to far gone to make corrections :(

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