is she ready for the chop?

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    uk420organics New Member

    Any experienced growers have any idea if she is ready for the chop?

    53 days into flower (DNA GENETICS SILVER LA)

    Flushed her twice (soil grow) ppm down to 400

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    SwiSHa85 Well-Known Member

    From the loop pic I see mostly clear.

    uk420organics New Member

    Thanks, I can never be sure with the loop I have...need a microscope. Hopefully I'll have time for another flush (5 days)

    HONEYCOMBHILLZ Active Member

    Looks like 2-3 more weeks to go
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    neved Well-Known Member

    For me start last flushing (harvest)maybe for 7/10 days . Don’t wanna provide a chance to show up any banannas

    Sapphyre Active Member

    Longer than you had hoped for sure?
    I'm with what everyone else has already said- probably a week or two if it were in my tent.

    When I'm checking w a loop, I watch for 'sparkle'. If you see 'glitter' you are actually still seeing a lot of clear tricomes

    Everything looks totally different under a microscope and that will throw you off a little too at first.

    I highly suggest that you get the scope, keep checking w both, and start taking (and curing) some samples several days to a week apart. Try to take pix as you take your samples, and label well- so you have a way to remember for sure exactly where she was when the cured bid is at whatever you prefer :)

    The smaller samples are a little harder to cure IMO but the effort will give you all the confidence you need for your next round :)

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