Is osmocote any good?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by outdoorgrowingnoob, Oct 1, 2017.


    outdoorgrowingnoob Member

    Hi! Noob here,
    I just bought some osmocote smart release plant food (14-14-14) and I want to know if it's any good or not.
    Whadya think?

    ChaosHunter Well-Known Member

    I use it a lot for landscape plants and flowers. Espoma or Dr earth would get my vote for slow release outdoor

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    It's fine for flowers and such. I wouldn't use it for cannabis.

    outdoorgrowingnoob Member

    I also have jobes organics (3-5-4)(I know it's not actually organic) and dynamite matter magic tomato food (8-5-5) will either of these work better than osmocote or will I have to buy some more stuff

    ChaosHunter Well-Known Member

    You need primary, secondary and micros. This completes base nutriants hence "grow,bloom,micro". You will need to fine a nute at the Depot that is all in one and they don't offer it.
    Organic Altruism

    Organic Altruism Active Member

    They do have an "Osmocote+" with all the micro nutes in it. However, don't waste your time or money. As a joke/experiment I tried growing a single clone using nothing but Osmocote+ and it wasn't great. Plant looked good until about halfway through flower. It never quite filled out and didn't have much of a yield. The other plants that recieved my usually blend of dry fertilizers flourished. The experiment was done with 4 Sugar Black Rose clones. 3 clones in amended Roots Organic and the other one went into unamended Roots Organic with osmocote on top.
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Ive used it mixed into potting mix in a hole at a patch. Seemed to work OK up to about the 3 month mark (I had no defiency problems a any rate) which was about perfect timing for a flowering switch of nutes.

    AnimalMother1974 Active Member

    My guess is the ratio of iron to the rest of the trace elements is too high. Also not enough potassium for flower

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