Is my crop done for?? Please Help


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Ok so I just began to flower my 4 Super Lemon Haze plants after 8 weeks of veg. I just started flowering sunday and they looked awesome sunday. Over the last couple days they have completely gone the other way and are all wilted and look like death. Any Ideas on what happened or if they are salvageable?

I attached pics of my room setup and what my babies look like now. I drained all the water and refilled with fresh RO water, no nutes, 24 hours ago. Please help...

Also the past two or three days my room reached temps of 95 for a few hours. Could this of killed them? my temps are back down to 84 with the lights on now.



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heat/ not enough water..i know people that use drip for the whole time..but i dont think with that much light and heat..i think you need more water


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Are you doing DWC?

I bet your res got hot... and eve with airstones, hot water can hold very little o2..

Get your temps down.. it's just too hot in there...

Seems like you are feeding the aircooling system with hot air from the op...

Hot air that should be exhausted is not a good way to cool your lights...

Try something like this and see if your temps improve...

Good Luck...