Is it true lose 14 kg to gain a inch on penis length

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    or an estermite

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    I do side work as a personal trainer and this actually gets asked a fair bit ahaha. No, loosing weight will not increase your penis size unfortunately, nor will anything else.... but it will make it more visible. This is all relative to your current weight and body composition but if you have some extra KG's, loosing some should help to expose more man meat.

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    Just date smaller's all about perspective:hump:
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    as someone whose lost 140lbs my dick has def gotten bigger. It used to b a halfgram preroll compared to my sausage fingers but now this shit is a fatty backwood my dude. like homeboy said, once u lose belly/hip/pelvis fat it will look as if your wang is growing. your dick is still the same size but not tucked away by so much fat
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    too larry

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    I lost 65-70 pounds {but have gained 25 of it back}. The wife says my dick looks bigger since my belly is smaller.

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    It does actually get bigger as there is more space for the blood to flow. Lose the weight. strengthen your muscles, and you get better circulation. A hard penis is pretty much blood circulation.

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    Lol. One of the funniest threads I've read!
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    Altered State

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    I'll add more funny shit ( love the title btw )
    Avoid coffee it can restrict the blood vessels shrinking the dik in the process. Word lol

    I nearly stopped coffee altogether after finding this out ...hawhaw But true after a week of no coffee it was inflated again. lmao

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